FTR USB UART IC Datasheet Version Clearance No.: FTDI# •. •. Neither the whole nor any part of the information contained in, or the product. FTDI FTRL: available from 8 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits ( ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and. FTRL Datasheet, FT FTDI USB to Serial UART IC Datasheet, buy FTRL USB to Serial UART IC.

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It has separate enables on both the transmitter and receiver.

FTRL USB to UART Breakout Board

It requires an external decoupling capacitor to be attached to the 3V3OUT regulator output pin. FIFO receive and transmit buffers for high data throughput. Preheat – Temperature Min T s Min.

Synchronous and asynchronous bit bang mode interface options with RD and WR strobes. New CBUS bit bang mode option. The FTR adds two new functions compared with its predecessors, effectively making it a “3-in-1” chip for some application areas.

FTR USB UART IC Datasheet | Kevin Zaat –

Improved graphics on some Figures. Added 3V3 regulator output tolerance. The device is supplied with the most commonly used pin definitions pre -programmed – see Section 8 for details. Rx relative to the USB dqtasheet. T his produc t and its doc umentation are s upplied on an as – is bas is and no warranty as to their s uitability for any partic ular purpose is either made or implied.

If not required can be left unconnected, or pulled up to VCC. The solder reflow profile for both packages is described in Section 9. FTRQ-Reel is 6,pcs taped and reel packing 1. Please refer to Section 3 for the package option pin-out and signal descriptions. Corrected Tape and Reel quantities.


This option will be described more fully in a separate application note available from FTDI website www. USB bulk transfer mode. A useful feature of these devices is the SHDN pin which can be used to power down the device to a low quiescent current during USB suspend mode.

For details on how to use an external crystal, ceramic resonator, or oscillator with the FTR, please refer Section 7. The recommended solder reflow profile for both package options is shown in Figure 9.

Additionally, the UART signals can each be individually inverted and datsaheet a configurable high drive strength capability. Values are shown for both a completely Pb free solder process i.

Adjustable receive buffer timeout. T his document is s ubject to c hange without notic e. Transmit and receive LED drive signals. This is a common feature of RS and requires the application software to remove the transmitted data from the received data stream.

UART signal inversion option. Help Center Find new research papers in: If this is not possible, use the configuration shown in Section 6. T his doc ument provides preliminar y information that may be s ubjec t to c hange without notice. This number cannot be reprogrammed.

The FT-X series is the latest device family offering reduced power and pin count with additional features such as battery charge detection, while the Hi-Speed solution offers faster interfacing. Press releases, articles and web links related to the FTR can be found here. This makes it easier for the controlling program to measure the response to an output stimulus as the data returned is synchronous to the output data. For driver installation, please refer to http: Low USB bandwidth consumption.


FT232RL USB to TTL Serial Module

It performs asynchronous 7 or 8 bit parallel to serial and serial to parallel conversion of the data on the RS or RS or RS interface. Refer to Section 3. This pin should be decoupled to ground using a nF capacitor. Support for bus powered, self powered, and high-power bus powered USB configurations. It should be noted that in this case this supply should originate from the same source as the supply to VCC.

The device is a USB 2.

Failure to do this may cause some USB host or hub controllers to power up erratically. Pulses low when transmitting data via USB. Puts the device into IC test mode.

This is followed by the revision number. The above mecha nical drawing shows the SSOP package. Equivalent devices are available from Maxim and Analogue Devices.

N o freedom to us e patents or other intellectu al property rights is implied by the public ation of this doc ument.

This number is only readable over USB and forms a basis of a security dongle which can be used to protect any customer application software being copied. The SP is specified to transmit and receive data at a rate of up to 5 Mbaud. A digital one -shot is used so that even a small percentage of data transfer is visible to the end user.