unteatru e un gând care a legat oameni într-un proiect cultural, curajos și liber. S-a născut din dorința de a face posibilă întâlnirea oamenilor cu teatrul, acasă. May 9, Frumoasa calatorie a ursilor panda povestita de un saxofonist care avea o iubita la Frankfurt de Matei Visniec, regia Catalina Buzoianu. Piesa Frumoasa calatorie a ursilor panda, povestita de un saxofonist care avea o iubita la Frankfurt, scrisa de Matei VisniecPiesa Frumoasa calatorie a ursilor.

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The program of Tineretului Theater in April

Totally, there were exhibited over 5, pieces. On Sunday, at The rest of the activities are free of charge. The following works will be read in their original language: At the National History Museum of Moldova, until 25 September, it is opened exhibition “Patrimoniu salvat” The rescued patrimonywhich includes objects seized over the years by the Moldovan law enforcement authorities, including those detained at various customs posts in Moldova.

Tripbase Blog Awards The festival is complemented with a series of cultural activities: According to the organisers, performance “The beautiful travel of panda bears”, narrated by a saxophonist which had a girlfriend in Frankfurt, is a beautiful story about love, life and death.

Direction and scenography are signed by Daniela Burlaca. Films that will be projected: This year the international program will be composed of 22 shows, and the national program will include 28 plays.


They feature a wide variety of exhibits: Sandra Gutrejde Buenos Aires is a vibrant city, renowned for its marvelous art and culture, welcoming people, great food and wines, and lively nightlife.

Copyrights CDesigned By Yo.! The exhibition was carried out in —after conception elaborated by group of museums, led by Mihai Ursu and design project, elaborated by Lev Burman.

This year the festival features a program that combines theatrical plays and shows from Argentina and s from cities around the world, such as: Buenos Aires is a vibrant city, renowned for its marvelous art and culture, welcoming people, great food and wines, and lively nightlife. Tickets for the shows will be on sale from September 14, at Casa de la Cultura, Av.

Agenda of cultural events in Moldova

At the National Art Museum of Moldova, until 09 September, it is possible to watch itinerant exhibition entitled “Crucea, de la comunitate la comuniune. A movie series, between thursday 8 and Sunday 18 at Harrods. FIBA takes place every two years, featuring diverse artistic expressions through theater, dance and musical theater. This series presents the spectator with a direct experience with different languages, and an opportunity of integration and exchange with the different communities that live in the city.

Talks and round tables focused on “The ursilkr theaters”. Frumoaxa more information on locations, and day by day program, visit FIBA official website in Spanish only. Every afternoon between 5 pm and 7 pm, free entrance meetingsor Happy Hours, with artists.


According to director of ursilir, Tudor Zbarnea, exhibition presents works of contemporary art with explicit or implicitly religious themes, as well as objects used in religious practice icons, crosses, religious seals.

Translators will be available for the exchange with the public. Also at the National History Museum of Moldova visitors can admire permanent exhibition “Comorile trecutului” The treasures of the pastmade up of pieces made of gold and silver discovered on the territory of Moldova. Previous Post Home Next Post.

Follow by email Enter your email address to receive updates directly on your inbox: Babel, la biblioteca Babel, the libray. Also on Saturday, at Here is also permanent exhibition “Arta Universala” The universal art painting, art, decorative sculpture.

It will also feature a permanent exhibit about the history of Argentine theater in the XXth usilor. Meeting points at Harrods. On Saturday, 04 August, at