Congratulations on the purchase of your Freecom MusicPal. .. Insert the Freecom MusicPal software & Manual CD into your CD drive. Please. Music pal • Read online or download PDF • Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual. User manual for the device Freecom Technologies MusicPal. Online user manual database.

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Page 61 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. Page 37 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. Turn the right-hand knob to move through the menus.

Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual

Select Use Sleep Timer? Page 36 Freecom MusicPal3. Make sure it includes the f. Now Playing Freecom MusicPal mksicpal. Page 42 This function provides the facility to have a weather forecast displayed for different countries or cities.


Freecom MusicPal System requirements Your system needs to meet musicpzl following hardware and software requirements for the device to function properly.

Select Settings in the main menu after you have switched on the Freecom MusicPal.

You can have this option displayed in the main menu under Ex- tras. This feature gives you an overview of the firmware currently being used and also network information, such as the LAN IP address being used, the subnet mask, and so on.

Page 19 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. You can now change the date by using the Navigate rotary knob. Page 5 System requirements Freecom MusicPal Specifications 2 pages. You can now regulate the brightness. The structure of this menu depends on yourUPnP server.


Freecom Technologies MusicPal User Manual | pages

Page 18 Freecom MusicPal3. Don’t have an account?

The subnet mask should look feecom the same as your Freecom MusicPal: Now close all the windows you opened in the previous steps. Freecom Technologies MusicPal Size: Now click OK and close all the windows you opened in the previous steps.

Page Freecom Freecim in practical usage6. Page 23 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. To dothis, click on Download Favorites Playlist. Freecom MusicPal Safety precautions To guarantee a faultless functioning of your Freecom MusicPal, please observe the fol- lowing safety precautions.

The Now Playing menu item was automatically added to your main menu. After time- controlled activation, the device plays the Internet radio programmes or music files from your Favourites folder. Set the time you want.

If this is not the case, first of all a network has to be installed. Usually you can access the web configuration of the MusicPal by opening freecm Explorer and entering the following in the address line: After selecting the system language you want,you automatically move to the Settings menu.

Page 57 Freecom MusicPal Functions 2. Now click on the icon Save. Use this feature to search for available WLAN access points in your environment and if need be to connect up with them. Page 51 Freecom MusicPal Functions3. Page 66 Chapter 5: Page 22 Freecom MusicPal3.


Page 26 of Freecom Technologies Radio MusicPal User Guide |

Don’t have an account? Select Settings in the main menu after you have switchedon the MusicPal. Getting To Know The Freecom Musicpal – You pause play by briefly pressing the volume knob; press it briefly again to con- tinue playing. Freecom MusicPalSnooze Timer snooze function When the alarm of the MusicPal sounds at the time freeom has been set, you can either stopthe alarm or pause it for 10 minutes snooze function. Configuring the Freecom MusicPal through the Web interface 2.

Connect the power pack to your Freecom MusicPal andplug into a power socket. Page 90 Freecom MusicPal 5. Basic Router Concepts Even though the amount of bandwidth mabual your local area network LAN can be provided easily and relatively inexpensively, the price of the connection to the internet is much higher.

The first subnet has network number Select the time zone you are in and whether you want automatic synchronisation of summer- and wintertime.