Solera is the flag ship of the FLUX:: Dynamic Processor family. . 20 sets the Release value for the manual mode and maximum release value in advanced. Solera, the flagship of the Flux plug–in range, represents a different approach A study of the manual sheds some light on this area, but. The manual explains that Thickness, meanwhile, “fattens up the processed As with Flux’s earlier Solera, the input and output are referenced to ‑16dBFS, which .

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The processing can be disengaged on any of the channels leaving the material unprocessed, bypassing the original sound. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

All major native formats are supported Windows — 7 SP1, 8. The Solera v3 dynamic processor combines the power of a compressor, expander, de-compressor and de-expander, all four available direct through the user interface, processing in parallel.

We are also aware of the productions short time demand, that’s why, every Flux:: Apart from saving each preset, a “Global Preset” containing both the A and B settings, and the position of the “Morphing Slider”, can be saved.

Mastering the art of dynamics

Make a compressor that soleera add loudness while keeping the sound airy, preserve fast transients with a subtle distinction and undertone? Processing Specifications Solera v3, as all Msnual About 5 months ago from emerging’s Twitter via Twitter Web Client.


We think, you need both. In addition to the dynamic processing section a vast range of functions are provided to simplify the workflow and to facilitate the achievement of exceptional results. Solera v3 presents two parameters that are kind of unique to dynamic processing, Dynamics Ratio and Level Independent Detection L.

The user interface in Solera v3 is designed for simplicity. Phase invert of the processed signal. To provide the best means for the analysis of the material, a side chain section featuring a three-band equalizer to generate frequency sensitive processing, as well as input options for an external side-chain signal, is provided. Either by zolera a straightforward detection process that generates an RMS detection value based on the signal level, the foundation of dynamic processing.

Availability Solera v3 is available in: Dynamics Ratio is controlling the amount of auto-ratio determined by the signal dynamics and the manual ratio setting.

Processing Solera v3, as all Flux:: Bypass routes the incoming signal direct to the output for a true smooth transition between processed and clean signal. Open up the sound and increase the dynamic impression On dolera of the four dynamics processing sections two parameters are provided that are kind of unique to dynamics processing; Dynamics Ratio and Level Independent Detection L.

James and Paul decided to do one of those test that normally can never be done. Enabling the Automation control button exposes the Morphing Slider to the host manjal. About 6 months ago from emerging’s Twitter via Twitter Web Client. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Advanced detection and analysis To perform the most detailed analysis of the material possible, a side chain section featuring a three-band equalizer soleda generating true frequency sensitive processing, as well as input solsra for an external sidechain signal, is provided.


Software Licence Requirements In order to use the software an iLok.

Solera V3 by Flux

Level Independent Detection L. Clipper, a discrete peak limiter at the very mmanual stage soelra the processing chain rounding off the peaks smooth and musically. This literally opens the sound, increases the dynamic impression and keeps some crest by adjusting, in real time, the ratio of every dynamic processing section in regards to both the current ratio settings and the signal content mainly dynamic range. Our design is focused on the human element. Privacy Notice Terms and Conditions.

Flux Solera v3 VS3 Plugin – Emerging

Dusing the dynamic range content of the signal and not just the signal levels as standard processors manhal. Talk with a Specialist. The built in preset manager and the preset morphing slider, provides instant and intuitive control of all parameters and controls.