Our shop has an antique VMC with Fanuc 11M controls, and it just sits If I remember this correctly, there is a parameter to set Absolute, I do. DNC settings for communications between a PC and Fanuc 10,Fanuc 11,Fanuc 12,Fanuc Set the following parameters on the machine. CNC Router Information – Here is the procedure for checking or changing the Communications Parameters on a Fanuc 10MM control.

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Sometimes file transfer will not run, even if all the settings are correct.

The process for setting paramrter tool is really no different across newer and older machines except that some of the newer machines have tool measure functions. Fanuc 11M- A Newbie Adventure. Machine Controllers Software and Solutions. I am also taking an online programming course that is going really well.

Put that as a minus value into an offset matching your tool number. Tags for this Thread 11mitslockedparameterparametersparamterpwe. Learn mill and Lathe Fanuc, all parts of it, if you do, you can get a goodpayng job everywhere. Posted via Mobile Device. Results 1 to 10 of I did a paramfter search and could not find it.

The following procedure may correct the problem, especially if you’re running the machine via DNC: Imagination will take you everywhere. I am trying to change paramter but it says its a locked parameter, but I paramete PWE on, please help if you can. The problem I am having here is I can’t find the Z offset on the machine.


Fanuc 10 11 12 Maintenance Manual E pdf – CNC Manual

I’ve attached it here. Thanks for all the help, But my problem is solved.

But the Z location still reads that negative number when I check the position. I would go ahead and pay for it myself for my own enrichment, but I just can’t afford it. Now the above values will not change until you instate your tool offsets via G And what is not changing that you want to see?

ConnectCNC settings for Fanuc 10,Fanuc 11,Fanuc 12,Fanuc 15

I have set tool length offsets on newer machines in the past, but this simple procedure seems a little more difficult for me here. The time now is Only got it a week ago.

I am jumping head first in the world of CNC machining. Examine them for errors such as dropped or changed text.

Fanuc 10 11 12 Maintenance Manual 54815E

The opinions in this post are my own and not those of machinetoolhelp. Also as Heniz has stated there are parameters to set depending on what you want viewed. For setting the tools if the machine is setup to have Z0 as the table face you would touch the tool on the table face and subtract anything in the Z common offset from the machine position.


Apparently he also paid to have somebody trained fanhc and they bailed out as soon as they soaked up enough knowledge. Fanuc 11m parameter bit 2 turned on my helical back on, please you guys make sure you back up your parameters on these old controls, fanuc claims they dont have data this old, and will make you rebuy your options. To set the CNC up for drip feed: Parameer time now is If this is a really older machine, and being a 11MA dates it, it may not show the absolute dimension as it goes down in Z.

This is Heinz, you called me the other day for help and I have been trying to get back to you but your mailbox on the phone is full. Here is an example from my website, the G43 line sets the tool height: