Fadak was the estate donated by the Holy Prophet SAWA to his beloved daughter Fatima (SA). But unfortunately soon after the demise of the Holy Prophet. Fadak in History [Martyr Mohammad Baqir As Sadr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is one of the many Islamic publications. It was the problem of Fadak and the historical dispute that took place between Fatima az-Zahra’ (peace be on her) and the first caliph (may Allah be pleased with.

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We must consider that the lawfulness and rightfulness of their caliphate depended upon the correctness. Umar was the most harsh person in keeping Fatimah sa from Fadak and her inheritance as he himself confessed:.

It became mine and and al Walids and Sulaymans two sons of Abd al Malik.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The descendant replied that the first boundary of Fadak was Adenthe second Samarqandthe third the Maghriband the fourth the Armenian Sea. Al-Muntasirhowever, apparently maintained the decision of Al-Ma’munthus allowing Fatimah’s progeny to manage Fadak.

Some Muslim commentators agree that following the conquest of Fadak, the property belonged exclusively to Muhammad, while hisory others reject this view. The Banu an-Nadir property was kept for his emergent needs, Fadak for travellers, and Khaybar was divided by the Apostle of Allah into three sections: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.


Each fortress was occupied by a clan and surrounded by cultivated fields and palm-groves. Qur’an O Itrat Foundation.

The judicial and the jursipridencial discussion is seperate from our goal. Lady Fatima SA Challenged the action in the court and proved that the socalled hadith is contradictive to Quran and the tradition of the Prophets.

Encyclopaedia of Islam Online. The oasis was divided into three regions: The book mentions the background of Fadak and its events, and the real motives of the rulers behind its userption.


Views Read Edit View history. In this way Fadak fell into the possesion of Marwan; he used to sell crops and products for at least ten thousand dinars per year, and if in some years its income decreased, fafak drop was not very pronounced. Get to Know Us. This is a work that I seized the opportunity of one of our holidays in our splendid university-the University of Holy Najaf-to apply myself to study one of the Islamic history problems.

Fadak in History

Lady Fatima Zahra s. Umar was the most harsh person in keeping Fatimah sa from Fadak and her inheritance as he himself confessed: The descendent cautioned that after drawing the borders of the garden of Fadak, Harun would no longer want to relinquish it.


Then Fadak came into the possession hisrory the children of Fatimah sa. Then al Mamun asked the scholars: Since then the case of Fadak had been a subject of hot discussions between Shia and Sunni in the course of history. In the words of the Sunni historian, Yaqubi.

Fadak – Wikipedia

In year CE, a huge revolt against the Umayyad Caliphate occurred. Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr. Half the Land of Fadak, which was given by Jews after the peace treaty, was purely the property of Rasool Allah s. Anthem Emblem Flag Motto. Historh far as the claim of Shias is concerned, that when the verse of the Quran, “And give the relative his right”, [22] was revealed, the Prophet gave Fadak to his daughter as it was her right.

Shiavault – Fadak in History

Then Marwan gave it to my father and to Abd al Malik. Yaqut al Hamawi, the famous historian and geographer, following the event of Fadak said:.

When Umar ibn Abd al Aziz becmae the Caliph he delivered a lecture and mentioned that:

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