Along with the release of the expansion Empyrean Age in June the first EVE novel also saw the light of day, EVE: The Empyrean Age. The Empyrean Age marked the rise of the capsuleers as heavy hitters in interstellar politics, unfettered by factional or other political ties. When I picked up Tony Gonzeles’ first novel, EVE The Empyrean Age, I was honestly expecting another forgettable and ultimately meaningless.

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I like the dark world where no one is in power, where no one is really in control – everyone is a victim of impersonal forces, has constraints and necessities they just can’t circumvent, and even the people with the best intentions are driven to do cruel things, just by following the best intentions. It just seemed silly and out of place for the most part. I rather liked The Empyrean Age, but it had its roadbumps, particular some of the Amarr bits where abit cringeworthy.

To view it, click here. The characters in this book are so devoid of morals except dear Keitan, though he still thinks his body guard is a bit sexy. The portal that transported humanity to another galaxy and then closed to strand them there. A clone with no name or past awakens to a cruel existence, hunted mercilessly for crimes he may never know; yet he stands close to the pinnacle of power in New Eden. A tie in to the EVE online universe.

EVE: The Empyrean Age

While I enjoyed the book a lot, there were moments when the writing wasn’t really up to par and bits that seemed somehow unrelated. The transcendence of man to the empyraen of immortality has bred a quest for power like none before it; empires spanning across thousands of stars will clash in the depths of space and on the worlds within.

Like the swearing, it all becomes silly and tedious after a while. It’s the stories of two individuals, instead of huge-scale stories about history being made in Empire space.


It dives into the 5 major races even the Ags and their relations with one another. This then just goes on. His pacing can be pretty brutal at times, but that is just as well since it reflects the events happening in New Eden, each of which segues into the other in a long chain of events that mark a major shift in the status quo of the known space.

Empyrean Age | EVE Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Needless Plots Like with the Deus ex Machina, TonyG has a tendency to pull completely exaggerated plots out of the sleeve for no reason whatsoever. The problem is I am almost out of content I will just have to just evee for new stuff or maybe try some other sci-fi, but I can only seem to get into military sci-fi and most things involving space combat lol, Honor Harrington?

What more needs to be said? Or why a woman who appears fragile is unable to posses physical empyrfan. In my opinion, it should of been a four part series, one focused on each race’s perspective. And a sexually violent scene was unnecessary to the plot and seemed to be there just for its own sake. Oh, and enpyrean rape.

Character Charicatures The characters are overstyled to underline the impression the reader should get about them. I loved the chronicle about emphrean execution of a traitor, because that’s just what I want Gallente to be: At least that’s how I see it.

Feb 28, Fred Hughes rated it really liked it.

Empyrean Age

I don’t exactly understand why it gets so much hate, themittani. No reason other than “but it’s a great story” – and no, it isn’t.

YES I have read and consent to Hachette Australia using my personal information or empyresn as set out in its Privacy Policy and I understand I ave the right to withdraw my consent at any time. Some parts are better than others. Falick Grange had a memory loss when he woke up in his new clone, the data transfer when someone is podded isnt perfect happens to another character in the book as well but not as severe.


I gave it two stars more because of what I wanted it to be, more than what it empyrfan. Horatius Caul 3 The main points, I believe.

Several of the characters have unfinished stories, the last chapter does not fit the scope of the book in any way, and throughout the book are inconsistencies of style and language. Move Straight onto Templar one! It’s full of epic heroes who are better than anyone else, who are not subject to bad restrictions. So why does he have to come up with these? The expansive scope of the game, the concept, the visuals, the mechanics, everything is very intriguing and compelling, and any time I come across something to do with EVE Online, I get a hankering to play the game.

The style is actually not that impressive for a book. The Broker’s disguises may just be skin deep, meaning the brain, nervous system, and other internals are actually copies of the Broker’s organs. But at some point you will be confused, and will strugle to actually finish the book. It shows the plights of the people’s drone the different nations. Good politics and characters. Sep 26, Mike Jordan rated it it was amazing. After the first several chapters, it gets better. We have both a character named Janus and a character name Jonas.

I’ve been playing Eve Online for a while now. What game was that? This book is mostly lore for the world of politics, governments, space ships and alliances. The ideas about cloning in the book have been discussed in this forum already. What is the training like?

The story sounds hastened, as if he needed to get done with it.