This brief guide explores content strategy’s roots, and quickly and expertly demonstrates not only how it’s The Elements of Content Strategy. By Erin Kissane. BACK IN THE WEB’S Pleistocene period, I received an e-mail from a young content strategist. “Excuse me,” she wrote, “but there is a. About the Author: Erin Kissane is an editor for Contents magazine and Source, a community site for journalists who code. She was previously a.

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Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane | I’d Rather Be Writing

Kissane’s book has given me an excellent grounding in this topic. Before you can improve something, you have to know where it stands. It really takes a long time to produce content. May 07, Stringy rated it really liked it Shelves: Last week I had a discussion with a colleague about this issue. Though I would be a writer by title, the bulk of the work would involve content strategy, he said. In 74 pages, Erin Kissane squeezed in enough information about content strategy to make this book worth a read if you’re in the web contetn industry.

Third chapter is the weakest – it feels the most uncertain about it’s content, probably because this part of the process the actual process and methodologies doesn’t have hard and fast answers. Return to Book Page. That being said, I finished the book knowing more about content strategy than when I started. Follow him on Twitter at jasonshen and subscribe to his private newsletter.

Well the current economic context suggests a shift for college students. On the other hand, when I’ve worked with Content Strategists, we’ve produced better projects than I could dream of doing on my own. Still, I plan to use the book to help new content strategists on-board and to do some level-setting and exploration in terms of my team’s identity within the company a I love Erin’s humor and straightforward style.

I’m a designer first and a content strategist second or maybe third or fourthand I found Kissane’s writing clear, compelling, and useful. If you want to know what content strategy is and if you think it has anything to do with copywriting other getting content ready for a copywriter or other content producerplease read this book!


The content strategist’s work pulls from each of these different roles. If you’re in the arena or want to get a better understanding of those who operate in it, give this a read. Seeing the importance of this field but I’m not in it. Although he contributed many of the core content strategy deliverables mentioned earlier, the stake holders also expected him to create the content as well.

This book was written as a brief introduction to content strategy related work, and the author was upfront with what the book was and wasn’t in the introduction.

Sadly, this is absent, at least in any real way from this book as well. In the final section, as she starts to explain her methodology for doing content strategy, she discusses the deliverables that content strategists erim. Often the most personal content, is that related to help, and it can range from documentation to professional service engagements to emails the support team sends.

Dec 23, Jeff Wayman rated it liked it. However, the book is well written and structured, it’s short, and keeps itself focused on its subject while providing different points of view. I’ve read all the other books in the series with relish, but I found this one to be a bit dry and lacking in substance.

Could there be a third way? The style in which the book is written is terribly boring.

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The In 74 pages, Erin Kissane squeezed in enough information about content strategy to make this book worth a read if you’re in the web development industry. It resonates with some recent experiences. This book is approachable, but short examination about how to get started doing content strategy.

This little book couldn’t possibly cover the whole of this emerging discipline, but it’s a great starting point and I’d recommend it to anyone who has to develop content for work or a hobby. She gets going right away, without any fluff or padding. Then you read Kissane. I can see that, if web writing weren’t your immediate objective, the writing might be a little dry. Keep current with the latest trends in technical communication by subscribing to the I’d Rather Be Writing newsletter.


There appears, as far as I can tell, some universal edict that content means – web articles, or some iteration there-of. Kissane recommends you start with higher kissaen recommendations first, since they affect what you do further down, and also are likely to have a bigger impact on the organization. How does a content strategist deal with lousy content, always knowing that he or she could do a better job creating it him or herself?

This does include web copy, blogs, videos, white papers and especially “help” This is ultimately a little tough. Lists with This Book. It’s just not good strqtegy to, at times, let content be an after-thought. White’s handbook on The Elements of Style, which is also a brief book.

Take an hour or two on a weekend and read it kissanw in one sitting.

The Elements of Content Strategy

Mar 04, Denise rated it liked it. I understand that it’s not like a atrategy book which can give you specific strategies and code missane, but I personally would have preferred more space allotted to things like content audits – the more hands-on sections – than the focus on what content strategy is and how it fits into the general scheme of things.

Books by Erin Kissane. Feb 17, Kat rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I am already printing out the list of deliverables and outlining her approach. But it is an effective starting point for those who find themselves overwhelmed with organizing a large amount of content, especially for the first time or with a fast turnaround.

You can read an excerpt of the principles here.

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