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On November 18, , following the election of George H.W. Bush as president, . Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order No. , entitled “Assignment of. During the funding lapse, is not being supported. If data feeds are not available from GPO, will not be. Executive Order of March 16, .. , and sections (3)-(4) of Executive Order of November 18, , are revoked.

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The Vacation Lane Blog: VLG Proposed Revision of E.O.

That NSDD and its partial supersession by NSDD would be encompassed in a new Executive Order that would be all-hazards for domestic catastrophic events and would place the Vice President of the United States in a leadership role while still subject to the direction, control and delegation of the Chief Executive of the United States, the President. The functions vested by law in the Secretary of the Interior, or in the Department of the Interior or in any officer or instrumentality of that Department, which are administered through the Marine Minerals Technology Center of the Bureau of Mines.

As a Department-wide responsibility, coordinate the requirements for and the management and use of radio frequencies by all organizations of the Department of Commerce. If members of the Homeland Security Committee cannot enforce their right to read secret plans of the Executive Branch, then the systems of checks and balances established by the U.

The functions in Title 10 of the U.

The functions authorized by 33 U. Retention of Existing Authority. The Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the heads of Federal departments and agencies having significant research and development programs shall advise the Vice President and the President of scientific and technological developments that should be considered in catastrophic civil preparedness and mobilization planning.

Such murky definitions cover oe lot of ground and are ripe with a potential for abuse by unscrupulous securocrats and their corporate partners. Prepare and disseminate predictions of the future state of the environment and issue warnings of all severe hazards and extreme conditions of nature to all who may be affected; c. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Nothing in this Order shall be deemed to derogate from existing statutory assignments of functions to any Federal department or agency or officer thereof.

The head of each Federal department and agency, as appropriate within assigned areas of 122656, shall: Acquire, analyze, and disseminate data, and perform basic and applied research on electromagnetic waves, as necessary, in performing other functions assigned herein; prepare and issue predictions of atmospheric, ionospheric and solar conditions, and warnings of disturbances thereof; and acquire, analyze, and disseminate data, and perform basic and applied research on the propagation of sound waves, and on interactions between sound waves and other phenomena.


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Executive Order Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities

Coordinate efforts of federal agencies in support of national and international programs as assigned, such as federal meteorological services and supporting research, World Weather Program, National Networks of Geodetic Control, Integrated Global Ocean Station System, and Marine Environmental Prediction, Mapping and Charting; f.

The Act “has a provocative provision called ‘Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies’,” the thrust of which “seems to be about giving the federal government a far stronger hand in coordinating responses to [Hurricane] Katrina -like disasters,” Jeff Stein, CQ National Security Editor wrote December 1, He can declare a National Emergency at any time, and freeze everything.

Develop and implement policies on international fisheries and other marine living resources, including the negotiation and implementation of agreements, conventions, and treaties in that area; and enforce provisions of international treaties and agreements on fishing activities of United States nationals and perform surveillance of foreign fishing activities; m.

A Cover for Illegal Domestic Operations? Establishing guidelines to assist in the development of fishery management plans under subsection b of the Act; 2. The functions in Title 33, Chapters 17 and 43, U. With slim prospects of congressional authorization for the scheme, in fact the language was removed from subsequent Defense spending legislation, other means were required.

The functions prescribed in Title II of P. The functions regarding weather in Title 49, Chapter 15 of the U. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

EO 12656 Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities

Prepare and disseminate predictions of the future state of the environment and issue warnings of all severe hazards and extreme conditions of nature to all who may be affected. Administer a national government program to preserve, protect, develop, and where possible restore or enhance the land and water resources of the coastal zones, including grants, loans, and loan guarantees to the states and interagency coordination and cooperation, as provided by the Coastal Zone Management Act ofas amended; q.

The functions of 7 U. As used in this Order, preparedness functions and activities include, as appropriate, policies, plans, procedures, and readiness measures that enhance the ability of the United States Government and the STATES, and the private sector to mobilize for, respond to, and recover from any catastrophic incident or event.

After all, where the defense of wealth and privileges are concerned corporate thugs and war criminals have no friends, only interests…. The conduct of studies of underwater diving techniques and equipment suitable for protection of human safety and improvement of diver performance as authorized by Section 21 e of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, as amended 43 U.


Administer a program to license the construction, location, ownership, and operation of ocean thermal conversion facilities and plantships under the control of citizens of the United States or within United States territorial waters; t. My text absent the incorporation of NSDD and is as follows: Policy for preparing, mobilizing, planning, preventing, responding or recovery from such events 1266 mitigating such in order to promote resilience of the United States to such a catastrophic ei event shall be established by the President.

The functions authorized by 42 U. The functions in the Oe memorandum of July 5,issued in accord with Senate Concurrent Resolution 67 of May 29,furthering participation in and support of the World Weather program by the United States.

Administer a deep seabed hard minerals resources program to license the exploration for and commercial recovery of hard mineral resources of the deep seabed by citizens of the United States; to encourage conservation of such resources; to protect the quality of the environment; and to encourage continued technological development; s.

Administer a program of sea grant colleges and education, training and research in the field of marine science, engineering and related disciplines as provided in the Sea Grant College Program Act ofas amended; g.

The functions of federal trustee of natural resources, including conduct of damage assessments, assertion of damage claims, agreements to covenants not to sue, preparation of natural resource restoration, rehabilitation, or replacement or acquisition plans, and expenditures of amounts recovered as damages to restore, rehabilitate, replace, or acquire the equivalent of such natural resources damaged or lost, as authorized by Sections bafbciand j of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, as amended, 42 U.

Congress, and the States, are powerless to prevent such an Executive Dictatorship, as long as the President advises Congress in a timely matter. Administer a program for the protection, management, and conservation of marine mammals and wo species; and manage the fur seal herds of the North Pacific Ocean. The Assistant Secretary for Conservation and Management, who is appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the 1256, shall serve as Deputy Administrator for Oceans and Atmosphere.