ENTROPY by Jeremy Rifkin. Introduction: p. 3 Each day we awake to a world that appears more confused and disordered than the one we left the night before. Entropy: A New World View by Jeremy Rifkin published in by Viking Press. ( with Ted Howard). Once in a great while an idea changes the course of history. $ Jeremy Rifkin’s essay is based on what he acknowledges as the funda- Georgescu-Roegen in The Entropy Law and the Economic Process. Rif-.

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And every time an event occurs anywhere in this world energy is expended and the overall entropy is increased. But then he quickly shifted into his thesis based on entropy and I realized this was not a book that is dated and judged in hindsight, but completely relevant today, powerful right now. A Disorderly Lecture If you have remembered every word I’ve said, your memory will have recorded about a hundred and fifty thousand bits of information. This elegant quantity is a precisely defined construct of physics; it can be rigorously measured for equilibrium systems and can be given meaning for near-to-equilibrium considerations.

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What Entropy Is, and Is Not | The Scientist Magazine®

Fooling the public with “sciencese” decreases our society’s ability to make rational judgments. Thanks for telling us about the problem. At first, I thought I was going to be reading a book about engropy on the environment, which considering it was written in I thought would be interesting in a certain way.

Jeremy Rifkin gives a sense of calm after laying out how Entropy affects every aspect of our lives. Refresh and try again. Viking Press- Jerfmy – pages.


I think, therefore, I had better stop now, before we degenerate to a state of complete disorder. Worthy of a good discussion.

Ultimately, Rifkin’s weird little book might best be used as a reflection for how culture has transitioned from the modern to the postmodern, how postmodernism is conditioned by the nagging knowledge of the meaninglessness entrooy all human action as well as the ironic response to that knowledge, however troubling it may truly be deep down. Instead, a work of art must be apprehended as a complex of events, objects and experienceswhich gain their significanceagainst the rich background of institutions and practices in which it appears.

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What Entropy Is, and Is Not

Jun 08, E. The authors argue that humanity is wasting resources at an increasing rate, and that will lead to the destruction of our civilization, which has happened before on a smaller scale for past empires.

Now things have changed, and on the cocktail party circuit we hear of entropy in art, entropy in economics, entropy in urban decay, and other erudite-sounding applications. R Snow, entropy and the second law of thermodynamics were once indelicate subjects.

Its a good book for folks that believe our post modern, post industrial society can continue to thrive. In a work of this length he could not, and did not, document the extent to which contemporary theory and research in the social sciences depends upon either objectivism or subjectivism as he has described them; nor could he offer adequate substantiation for his interpretation of the views of Marx and Wittgenstein, about both of whom there is much scholarly disagreement.


We sit next to a fire and watch it’s red-hot embers turn slowly into cold white ashes. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Rifkin’s views assume that entropy is disorder.

Entropy by Jeremy Rifkin

The second law, when formulated in terms of entropy, gives powerful insights into a wide variety of problems. American economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor, and activist. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Thus, for example, a gesture of submission is what it is, and has its significance,only within a set of institutions and practices. The book is highly controversial. There, the whole presentation relies too much on the narrator, his personality and appearance, in a variety of landscape settings before the camera.

Steve Connacher rated it it was amazing Dec 07, References to this book The Post-formal Reader: Other editions – View all Entropy: In the book the authors seek to analyse the world’s economic and social structures by using the second law of thermodynamics, that is, the law of entropy.

Just a moment while we sign you in meremy your Goodreads account. To say the world is running out of time then, to say the world is running out of usable energy. ieremy

I am very surprised that It’s written 30 years ago but thoroughly and precisely illustrates the main reason of all the problems in this world.