“**Enochian** is a name often applied to an *occult* or *angelic* language recorded in the private journals of John Dee and his colleague. Enochian Pronunciation. *Important concerning pronunciation: Enochian is chanted and vibrated. The objective is to hit a mono-tone pitch and maintain it. Pronunciation for the Phonetic version of the Enochian Keys This phonetic guide to the pronunciation of the Enochian Keys is based on that.

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Torezodu nor-quasahi od fe-caosaga: Moreover you lifted up your voices and swore obedience and faith to him that lives and triumphs, whose beginning is not, nor end can not be, which shines as a flame in the midst of your palace, and reigns amongst you as the balance of righteousness and truth.

Move therefore, and show yourselves: To whom I made a law to govern the holy ones and delivered you a rod with the ark of knowledge. Ben Rowe’s Enochian Essays — many of these essays include detailed textual analysis of several Calls. Enai butamonu od inoasa NI pa-ra-diala. Behold his mercies flourish and Name is become mighty amongst us. Therefore come you and obey your creation: Conclude us as receivers of your mysteries: Phonetic Translation Ilasa viviala pereta!


Phonetic Translation Ilasa dial pereta! Pronunciation for the Phonetic version of the Enochian Keys This phonetic guide to the pronunciation of the Enochian Keys is based on that given by Aleister Crowley, who derived his knowledge of the Keys from the Hermetic Order of the Ponunciation Dawn.

Zodacare, eca, od zodameranu!

For to this remembrance is given power and our strength waxes strong in our Comforter. Daresare Sol-petahe-bienu Be-ri-ta od zodacame ji-micalazodo: One season let it confound another, and let there be no creature upon or within her the same: Christeos Pir’s Enochian — a handy introduction to what Enochian Pronunciqtion is all about.

A note on fifteenth-century syntax and style by Ben Rowe — as posted to enochian-l.

Enochian Alphabet

Bring down your train that the Lord may be magnified, whose name amongst you is Wrath. Move, I say, and show yourselves: Her course, let it run with the heavens, and as a handmaid let her serve them. The Enochian Keys correspond to various functions within the Enochian Magic system.

Bajilenu pii tianuta a babalanuda, od faoregita teloca uo uime. Bolape como belioreta pamebeta. Vaunala cahisa conusata das DAOX cocasa ol Oanio yore vohima ol jizodyzoda od eoresa cocasaji pelosi molui das pajeipe, laraji same darolanu matorebe cocasaji emena.


Come away, vuide the Thunders have spoken: Sobame ial-pereji i-zoda-zodazod pi-adapehe casarema aberameji ta ta-labo paracaleda qo-ta lores-el-qo turebesa ooge balatohe! It repents me I made Man. Ul ci ninu a sabame ucime. Modern English Translation The mighty sounds have entered in your 3rd Angle and are become as olives in your olive mount, looking with gladness upon the earth and dwelling in the brightness of the heavens as continual comforters.

One rock brings fortheven as the heart of man does his thoughts.

Enochian Alphabet – Enochian

Move therefore enochkan his Servants: All letters are sounded as in English with these exceptions:. Behold the promise of God and his power which is called amongst you a Bitter Sting. Callisto Radiant’s Phonemic Analysis of the Angelic Language — a proposed set of rules describing the relationships between letters in the Angelic language, with several appendices.

To you it is said, Behold the face of your God, the beginning of comfort, whose eyes are the brightness of the heavens: Bajile madarida i zodirope cahiso darisapa!