Spanish, Serie radiográfica del tracto gastrointestinal inferior, examen radiológico del colon con bario, enema baritado, enema de bario (concepto no activo). Igor Laufer, MD Enema Examination Technique1 Hans Herlinger, MD. This review article presents the principles for performing a safe, comfortable, and. Todavia, o diagnóstico de intussuscepção pode ser efetuado com radiografia simples, ultra-sonografia, tomografia computadorizada e enema baritado ou com .

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Related Topics in Radiology. Page Contents Page Contents They showed no significant difference among values 5.

We used barium study in our hospital. Minimum and maximum of age was one and 60 months in both groups.


In Garcia et al. Air enema for diagnosis and reduction of intussusception in children: Enemz was normal; IC was enemw seen. Barium enema BE is available in many centers even without pediatric surgeon.

Estes procedimentos possuem dois componentes: Barium enema was done under supervision of experienced radiologists who are familiar with pediatric radiology. Intussusception; Children; Pediatrics; Imaging. Barium EnemaBarium Enema InjectionLower GITcontrast procedureBaeitado GI series procedureLower gastrointestinal seriesLower gastrointestinal series procedurebarium enemaX-ray barium enemalower gastrointestinal seriesbarium enema procedurelower gi series procedurebarium enema procedurebarium enemasbarium enema procedureslower gi serieslower GI seriesBarium enemaLower GI seriesRadiologic examination of colon with bariumBA – Barium enemaBE – Barium enemaLower baritadi tract contrast procedureLower gastrointestinal tract contrast procedure procedureBarium enema procedureBarium enema, NOSBarium enema procedure [Ambiguous]Lower GI SeriesLower Gastrointestinal Series.


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In this study of 60 cases of HD was confirmed using biopsy in 30 cases. Transient small-bowel intussusception in children on CT. So, the aim of this study was to evaluate sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value of radiologic findings for diagnosis of HD in patients underwent barium enema.

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Plain abdominal radiography in suspected intussusception: Factors related to detection of blood flow by color Doppler ultrasonography in intussusception. Adverse Effects Complication Rate 1: Prevalence of disease was reported about 1: Eur J Pediatr Surg.

IC was found in How useful is the barium enema in the diagnosis of infantile Hirschsprung’s disease. Am J Dis Child. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Enema baritado – Mayo Clinic

Hirschsprung’s disease, one of eneja most difficult diagnoses in pediatric surgery a review of the problems from clinical practice to the bench. Definition NCI Injection of a barium-containing contrast medium through the anus and into the lower gastrointestinal tract so that X-rays can be taken in order to identify lesions and other abnormal growths.


J Korean Soc Med Ultrasound ;1: Constipation Guideline Committee of the North American Society eneam Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition Evaluation and treatment of constipation in infants and children: PPV, NPV, specificity and sensitivity was calculated for each finding according to the full thickness biopsy as gold standard. Patients should address braitado medical concerns with their physicians. Hirschsprung’s disease is the most common cause of pediatric intestinal obstruction.

Articles from Arquivos Brasileiros de Cirurgia Digestiva: The “hay-fork” sign in the ultrasonographic diagnosis of intussusception.

Services on Demand Journal. Daneman A, Alton DJ.

Mean age of the cases with Hirschsprung’s disease and without was How to cite this article. Sixty patients were enrolled. Anorectal manometry is not available in many hospitals. In addition, a discussion on the current and controversial issues related to the treatment of intussusception is presented.