Editorial Reviews. Review. “A story that defies belief.” —Independent. From the Publisher Empty Cradles (Oranges and Sunshine) by [Humphreys, Margaret]. Margaret Humphreys, CBE, OAM (born ) is a British social worker and author from Empty Cradles, Humphreys’ account of the formation and early struggles of the Child Migrants Trust, was published in Its sales of 75, copies. Empty Cradles (Oranges and Sunshine) by Margaret Humphreys, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Margaret Humphreys

It describes what happens to the kids but in general terms and without a lot of detail. As I started reading, I assumed it would be a basic account of history, facts on the topic and mostly informational.

These online bookshops told us they have this item: There would be outrage, and “people emptu want to sort out this terrible mess. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. As she began to make enquiries MH was met with institutional amnesia and flat-out hostility from the charities and church organisations. Yet even he was luckier than the boys who as well as being put to work constructing buildings, were sexually abused.

The detective element of uncovering an almost unbelievably large, organised and hidden abuse of power is well developed and described.

City of Boroondara Library Service. I don’t know, but what I do know is that they were able to respond very well.

Empty Cradles (Oranges and Sunshine) : Margaret Humphreys :

The mother of two children, she traveled extensively and sacrificed time to reunite these children with the families left behind. The Best Books of After the second world war many families found themselves unable to look after young children, and so put them into care, promising to pick them up again; to these children were added those of single mothers bowing to social stigma and giving their children up for adoption. When a documentary, Lost Children of Empire, was screened in the trust was inundated.


At great cost to herself, both financial and emotional, Margaret Humphries made it her mission to try and reunite some of these child migrants with their families.

It’s about other people’s children”; now she says, “if they did, they haven’t told me. The University of Melbourne. God Bless Margaret Humphreys for persevering in her journey and sharing her story and the stories of countless others who have grown up in such horrible circumstances.

Empy was sucked into this book from the beginning and found it hard to put down. At first thinking it incredulous, Margaret discovered that this was just the tip of an enormous iceberg. Oh, and quite often they were sexually abused.

Empty cradles / Margaret Humphreys. – Version details – Trove

Many of the former child migrants who spoke to Humphreys related terrible stories of their treatment. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Humphreys worked miracles to uncover information, open up records and crwdles hope to so many lost children. Orphans — Great Britain — History. Magraret involved forcibly relocating poor British children to AustraliaCanadaNew Zealandthe former Rhodesia and other parts of the Commonwealth of Nations[1] often without their parents’ knowledge.


Intercountry adoption — Great Britain — History.

And now I’m confused as to whether I should take a chill pill about my reading habits if they are humphrreys on true stories! Not the past — that’s complex. Sep 01, M.

Empty Cradles (Oranges and Sunshine)

In Canada, for instance, they were herded into distribution centres then sent, as free labour, to farms all across the country. But in my world I think that non-fiction stories need to be as well I’m a bit confused about this book as it is an awful historical story that fascinated me, but the execution of the book bored me to cradoes.

Margaret Humphreys, a British Social worker literally fell into a hornets nest when she discovered the Child Migration Scheme. One of the things that came through very strongly is that religious institutions of the past were magnets for sadistic men who enjoyed being cruel to children, and that some of these sadists were also paedophiles, or perhaps men who used kids for sex because their options were very limited, it’s hard to tell, and who’s going to say anyway. Shipped to places like Australia, Canada For the charities, the child migrant scheme was apparently a solution to the overflowing British orphanages and the fact that the colonies were in need of a cheap labour force.

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