Tecnologia negli Ascensori e Scale mobili. Home · About · Emendamento A · ENERGY EFFICIENT ELEVATORS. Read the latest magazines about and discover magazines on Yumpu. com. 19 Il consumo di elettricità degli ascensori in Europa e in Italia. Uploaded by. ascensorim. Emendamento A Uploaded by. ascensorim.

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This parameter is used when space for low speed is too long.

Lift blocked Lift blocked until Maintenance Man rstore the lift. I was also a musician, I taught piano and guitar as a music teacher. Err 73 Blocking Fault Shaft access happened.

GONG Activated during door opening. Number of floor to manage further actual floor in multiplex A9 Master Ascenspri of Reservations 1 ascensoori Closed to GND it gives regular statement of contact. It is a relay with common in CRP. Max vallue available on stop point.

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Sticking to an organizational restructuring, zscensori impressed even more dynamism, Wittur Brasil already takes the first steps to establish its market leadership in Brazil. Car door operator without limits 1: D11 Emergency cycle time 1 — 20 sec. Current Call will be deleted and new call will be waited.

We can offer customized solutions for your specific needs. The elevator is treated as a commodity that needs to be provided and not emehdamento a design element in and of itself. H14 Reverse floor on deceleration 50 — D12 K96 Time 1 — 20 sec. D8 Busy time 0 — 10 sec. Elevador BrazilDecember Wittur ha aggiornato la sua politica sulla privacy secondo il GDPR.


Tale chiave esterna fa in modo che le chiamate esterne non devono essere eseguite ma devono accendere i rispettivi led di prenotazione e rifletterli anche in cabina. The company is a world leader in the supply of components, systems and modules for elevators.

Err 70 Error Error phasing sensors reverse. EXC It represents voltage on safety circuits to monitor overrun contact statement. Number of reservation to manage in multiplex A9 Slave Progressive Index 1 — 5: If press PAP for 7 secs cabin reservation will be deleted.

| Elevator & Escalator Tecnology

If safety circuits, powered by UPS or similar device, are closed and correctly powered lift will be work so: Duplex Slave via RS This clamp must be connected to Earth PE.

After few months, the integration processes are proceeding at full speed ahead and the new combined company is taking shape. Check overload, safety circuits.

Check closing time par B is enough: Inconstruction began to decline and I re-consider the lift connection with the construction. In the same parameter it is necessary to indicate what is the Fireman floor. When lift si stopped input is closed on GND.

Manuale BR100_ENG

For example, to can associate this board to floor 0 it is necessary to push Down button only 1 time. In relation to the Brazilian operation, as a celebration of the 20 years of presence in the country, the great change was the inauguration of the new plant, in the city of Londrina PRalso in Elevator World India, terzo trimestre Some elements of building design, such as the elevator, are usually considered from a strictly utilitarian point of view.


The same in DOWN direction: This contactor has to be protected by diode. Upper Floor A8 Inspection Speed 0: Una volta arrivati al piano della chiamata le porte rimangono chiuse. Last 2 values are very important and it is necessary to set it in according to traffic and number of stops. Wittur initiates operations in its new plant in Londrina. It is settable by PAR D If CS will be closed in these trials cabin will move in normal mode but a Fault will be saved in registry.

Output is enabled when Faults or Safety error happens. If not congruent, in slow speed, lift stop at nearer floor. If it occurs 3 consecutive times it will be blocking fault Increase parameter D3.

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