La propagación de plantas, a través de la embriogénesis somática, Tesis presentada en opción al grado científico de Master en Biotecnología Vegetal. UCLV. Embriogénesis somática en papaya cultivar ‘Maradol Roja’: una alternativa para either to produce a high number of plants (high quality vegetal material to be. La regeneración de plantas de cacao mediante embriogénesis somática se ha El manejo del material vegetal se llevó a cabo en cámara de flujo laminar.

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It is able to induce and develop rooting and to notably increase the development and vigor of plants in vitro in several crops.

Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal : Florio De Real Sunshine :

Factors affecting maturation of avocado somatic embryos. According to Kozai [8], in vitro photoautotrophism can be induced by excluding carbohydrates from the culture medium and by increasing gas exchange in the culture vessel.

Several work report callus formation for other papaya cultivars prior to the formation of somatic embryos, despite of starting from zygotic embryo tissues with embryogenic predetermined cells which ultimately lead to an increase in genetic variability risks. Plantation Research and Development, pp: INCI30 This was also complemented with the use of zeolite as substrate for plant in vitro cultivation, resulting in higher photosynthesis rates, the correction of morpho-physiological disorders, the prevention of basal callus formation, which combined with indole butyric acid treatment in the culture medium supported high percentages of rooting.

Las condiciones de cultivo se mantuvieron constantes. A supplementation of current research. Regeneration through somatic embryogenesis of an elite colombian Theobroma cacao L.

Revista Colombiana de Biotecnología

So far, there was found a single report on the papaya tissue culture in vitro by using photoautotrophic conditions [9], but no details were referred about the most critical phase: In fact, the massive propagation by organogenesis or somatic embryogenesis SE is justified for this crop due to its superior quality and uniformity of the plants obtained, despite its associated costs in comparison to seed propagation techniques [4].


This is further amplified by difficulties in rooting due to the lack of a basal callus, what hamper or limit the direct connection of roots with the stem, ultimately causing high losses during acclimatization by limited ex vitro rooting. Somatic Embryogenesis in Cacao Theobroma cacao.

Plant Science Such changes generate variations in the quality and size of fruits, influencing crop yields.

Plant Physiol Accepted in March, Scientia Horticulturae Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Somaticaa Las plantas enraizadas se llevaron a una mezcla de tierra: Estos fueron procesados siguiendo el protocolo de Maximova et al.

Plant Cell Rep Somatic embryogenesis from integument perisperm cultures of coffee. Vegetative propagation of Quercus suber L. Embriigenesis micropropagation for rooting and increased ex vitro survival rates The photoautotrophic culture has several advantages, such as stimulating plant growth and photosynthesis, together with an increase in survival rates during the in vitro – ex vitro transition.

Received in October, Looking for beautiful books? A fin de enfrentar estos retos, sera necesario disponer de nuevos conocimientos derivados del avance cientifico.

There are also few reports on the obtainment of secondary multiplication from primary somatic embryos, as a key phase to generate higher number of plants in SE. Regeneration of somatic embryos and roots from Quinche leaves cultured on media with different macroelements composition.

Initiation and Development of asexual Embryos of Theobroma cacao L. This work also provided the first report, up to our knowledge, on the use of zeolite as substrate for the cultivation of shoots in vitro, in combination with increased ventilation as it was carried out.

Por otro lado, Guiltinan et al. All this constitutes the main problem of tissue culture for this species [7]. The developed plants were moved to a mix of potting soil and sand 1: Por otro lado, Li et al. Factors that influence the yield and viability of protoplasts from Carica papaya L. Other difficulties come from the influence of environmental factors on the resulting plants, which influence on the growth, development and morphogenesis of shoots and plants generated in vitro mainly during the trophic phase.


Tissue culture of cacao, coffee and oil palm. Somatic embryogenesis in Eucalyptus. A parte de ello se encuentra la variabilidad propia de cada clon discutida anteriormente. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Trop57 1: In Cuba, in this crop provided yields of tons, with a cultivated surface of ha [2].

It is expected that these results could have a positive impact on the propagation of this commercially relevant crop in Cuba in the short time, also setting guidelines for future research on the genetic regulation during SE in papaya species. Variation of plants derived from indirect somatic embryogenesis in cotyledon explants of papaya.

Another product to be considered is phloroglucinol PGa phenolic compound obtained by degrading floridcin and a precursor in the synthetic pathway of lignin.

Primary and secondary somatic enbryogenesis in leaf sections and cell suspensions of Coffea arabica cv. Effects of different culture conditions photoautotrophic, photomixotrophic and the auxin indole-butyric acid on the in vitro acclimatization of papaya Carica papaya L. Photoautotrophic micropropagation-environmental control for promoting photosynthesis.

Topicos de La Embriogenesis Somatica Vegetal

Direct sowing of Coffea arabica somatic embryos-produced in a bioreactor and regeneration of plants. Cacao tissue culture protocol.

Improved protocol for high frequency plant regeneration through somatic embryogenesis in Carica papaya. Teixeira da Silva JA. Specifically for SE, there were no reports on the use of zeolite as substrate for shoots or embrikgenesis vitro plants, or by using the culture flask with increase aeration.

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