CODEX SERAPHINIANUS. LUIGI SERAFINI. Visual Writing /ubu editions. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10 . @ÉL-‘7M’ M’Èßëcïůïl ¿11i/ 99% 1i.» ;- @ /@ m’:í. @2’9″ “1’5′ I’ve just stepped into the bizarre universe of Codex Seraphinianus, to whom Serafini offered a series of drawings for his very last movie La.

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It isand the artist is in Rome, in fifth-floor le on a dirt street called Via Sant’Andrea delle Frate, number 30, in the heart of Baroque Rome, where even the streets and buildings have preserved the names and memories fl the Popes’ counter-reformation: Character for P – cidce sure. Moreover, in his complex and absolutely useless machines according to the rules of our universe: On October 6,while playing ball, he falls on glass and cuts his hand: After all, even today, all we can ask, like the Serafini child: Character for Ligature OE – contains ‘e’ at the bottom and accent marks to the right.

Escher [7] and Hieronymus Bosch. University of Nevada Press. Recall seraphiniauns the American alphabet contains 26 characters but the Italian alphabet, for example, only 21 characters plus some borrowed foreign characters, and the concept of an alphabet with extra or less characters may not seem so strange. But if we parsed the word decodex as dec-o-dex, then we could perhaps say that this twisted 3-looped strand stands for the syllable o.

We are once again aware of the overthrow, and yet no less clearly dcice, in terms of what we would call, today, reality and fiction we should remember this when we return to address question of the Codex. I feel serwphinianus that the output of La Matrixa should be printed from right to left, like the example in the matrix chart, and therefore I give the option to view your input text in easily readable left to right or in the probably more correct form of right to left.

I followed the construction of this mechanical monster, with trepidation and a bit of distress. Character for T – not sure.

The ligatures used in La Matrixa are determined by the placement of letters in the matrix itself. Please drop me an email if you can offer any constructive suggestions or help in any way. University of California, Irvine.


I will publish more online about my findings shortly, but I am putting this particular quest of the Seraphinianus Mystery to rest. Baird Searlesin Asimov’s Science Fiction Aprilsays “the book lies in the uneasy boundary between surrealism and fantasy, given an odd literary status by its masquerade as a book of fact”.

The words scattered on the floor of the illustration are from the same book. Row D contains 6 characters of the alphabet 2 ligatures and the Square or Alpha sign to signify emptiness and a beginning. I then discovered another Rosetta Stone, the one meant for a race at our particular stage of development, contained inside an example of Codex Script referred to as the ‘Matrix’.

Looking at the pages, the reader might perhaps have the sensation of listening to music without words of knowledge. I am working on this at this time. From his attic, then, Serafini lorded over this crossroads reminiscent of his childhood in the neighboring house, at number 24, he lived the rest of his life, and when he got married he moved next door: Views Read Edit View history.

The first section appears to describe the natural world of flora, fauna and physics.

Codex Seraphinianus – Wikipedia

According to Italo Calvino, the skeleton is “the only nucleus of reality which endures in the same way in this world full of interchangeable shapes”. The very entertaining adventures of Luigi Serafini.

So, with remarkable ease and a touch of ‘guasconeria’ [ Gasconian relating to the region of France which i suspect after looking for other contexts on the internet, perhaps means parody ], the real and the imaginary seem to merge in Serafini’s biography—in a sort of vague terrainin a no man’s land where it’s difficult to retrace simple biographical data—historical anecdotes and reversals, all serafinian, in real terms.

The curvilinear letters are fl or thread-like, with loops seraphinianys even knots, [3] and are somewhat reminiscent of Sinhalese script. It is this creation and as a consequence, recognition of another real point of view, that is the fundamental question, that allows us to understand the genesis of works considered “visionary” Calvin “fantastic” Sgarbi, Zerior “hallucinatory” Peter Schwengerlike these we are dealing with.

Incidentally, yesterday i was checking Storie Naturalia new book that he illustrated for Jules Renard. Or is searphinianus this herd of amphibious cows a figment, without knowing it, of the young Serafini’s imagination? Born an architect of imaginary homes, but then he becomes an artist and traveler of three trips, like three waves of fate, America, the Orient, Africa “—and here I leave it for you to read later, Corrias’ articlewhich precisely tells the “very funny adventures” of Luigi Serafini by land and sea, that begins with a trip across America as he himself recounts he was searching for Utopia Utopia a word that I saw for the first time with my own eyes during a long American trip in the early seventies.


Thus, under the banner of utopia this utopia that over time Serafini learned to consider “a food, a fundamental nutrition” and ambiguity, the serafinian circle returns to close itself.

Regarding the writings found in the pages of the book, Mr. And a special thanks to Luigi Serafini for the wonderful gift he has given the world. Around there is a crossroads of streets that bear names and suggestions of a strange serafinian bestiary ‘The names have to do with us, in the world that reacts with our subconscious,”the artist says later, not surprisingly, in an interview with Giacinto di Pietrantonio: Latin1 includes most West European languages, such as: Character for Dash – used as a seperator between characters or words, and may be meaningful to the aliens as a marker for emphasizing or cdics words – much like the accent marks used in Czech, French, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, and Latinized Macedonian languages.

Character for W – turn it 90 degrees to the left this time.

Codex Seraphinianus

I didn’t find this book nearly as interesting, at least not worth it’s 70 euro pricetag. Between and he copies more seraphiniamus six hundred images from books, encyclopedias, lecture notes, newspapers.

The page-numbering system, however, has been cracked apparently independently by Allan C. In a long surreal night, lasting thirty-months, he imagined a writing system that perhaps could not be read and a world that perhaps could not seen, with men that become forceps, eggs that fly, upside-down trees, zoological plants, insects and crocodiles. Character for N – turn it 90 degrees to the right. I now agree that the rest of the researchers were probably correct in seraphimianus assumptions.

Character for H – look at ‘b’. The original two-volume work. cdie

Originally published in Italy, it has been released in several countries.