– site about jetbooks ™ – ebook readers from Ectaco, Inc. Here you 2 Years standby; SD card slot: Expandable up to 2 GB; Font Size: 16pt – 32pt. Ectaco has quietly released its second generation Jetbook Color e-Reader today and the most exciting aspect about it is that it is using e-Ink. When Ectaco announced last Fall that they were releasing a new Jetbook Color 2 ereader this Spring, I was excited to read that it would have a.

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To ensure the security of your transactions, we are proud to partner with these programs: This is a perfect aid for those studying a foreign language and wanting to enrich vocabulary. As I understand it, the problem is that when the screen tries to show ectaoc color white, it still has to work through red, green, and blue filters.

Are you still by the official statement that color E-ink is not gonna happen? Notify me of new posts by email. We are happy someone is working with color E Ink technology, but this execution is simply unbearable.

Navigating menus, turning page pages, or launching programs demands an exercise in patience.

The main difference between the ordinary jetBook and the jetBook LITE is the fact that the accumulators are replaced by usual AA batteries which does not only make it possible to reduce the price, but to also economize energy used by the screen.


Ordering from our site is easy and secure. The sample electronica song Intro. jetbooj

Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. Dawud 9 May, Periodic table of elements. Page turns took an incredibly long two to three seconds, in comparison to the Kindle and Nook’s near instantaneous changes. If you focus on the grey, you probably are right, both look the same.

Anna Attkisson, Managing Editor on.

The H2O is at 6. Fun and Entertaining Ectaco Vocabulary Builder Apps for Android Check out the great new language learning app from Ectaco — Vocabulary Builder for Android, bringing the well-known game of hangman to a new level. This model is jetboik in the following colors: The use of the colors Magenta redCyan bleuYellow and Black.

Today, mobility is extremely important. The new deluxe version even has text capturing and electronic conversion features; simply slide your C-Pen included over print text and watch it upload directly to jerbook jetBook Color.

Ectaco Jetbook Color 2 Now Available

coloor But they are rare. I currently have the Kindle DXG and will keep it, warts and all, until something decent comes out. Javi 27 August, ectzco Check out the great cllor language learning app from Ectaco — Vocabulary Builder for Android, bringing the well-known game of hangman to a new level.


The solution for this problem is:. Albanian Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Simpl. The problem whit color e-ink is the use of red, green and bleu for making a colored picture. The speakers offer the most benefit in the language learning setting. However, you will have to wait between taps to know if the device has recognized your input or not, and we often had to tap multiple times for our input to be read.

This combination of colors is also used when printing on normal paper. E-books, for instance, must be in a folder labeled My Books, which is then accessible from the My Library section.

Thank you very much in advance! Menus often appeared ghosted in the background of the screen, presumably because the screen never times out.

jetBook. Ebook readers from Ectaco, Inc.

Paul Taylor 27 August, If you prefer expedited delivery please select one of the options below: I think the new screen is an improvement, and looks just about the same grey as coor recycled newspaper. Read this page in your language. Once a touchscreen is integrated and the price drops at least a little pocketbook might be able to pull that of i guesscolor Eink will have its place.