منذ 6 يوم This is the French prime minister’s first visit to Algeria after he became head of the French government and few weeks before the Mediterranean. Algeria-Interface [In English & French]; Algérie Press Service · El Raaed · Annasr [In Arabic]; Djazair News (Alger); Ech-Chaab · Echibek · Echourouk el Youmi. Consulter l’archive de la presse algérienne. Vous pouvez consulter les archives de chaque Le quotidien d’oran · Akher Sa · El massar · ElMakam · Echibek.

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Is there evidence that breaches of the Code of Conduct are effectively addressed ,and are the results of prosecutions made publicly available?

Analysis indicates significant geopolitical motivations existed for the Russian government to press for deals that would strengthen its domestic arms industry and gain energy market leverage against Europe. Is there an electronic copy of the police’s code of conduct?

Les juifs d’Algérie: Echourouk promet le buzz

Africa-related lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. It is difficult to find sources dealing with this matter but from the lack of evidence it seems that asset disposals are not scrutinised by an oversight body of any form. No anti-corruption institutions specifically targeting the defence sector exist and there is a lack of enforcement of counter corruption laws.

This has made it possible to piece together information on defence, though with significantly less accuracy and transparency than formal information released by the PNA or the government would be. Section 6, Fight against corruption, Art. It was created on December 1,following the national independence of Algeria from French control, to represent Algeria in the sphere of the world media.

Despite this, the use of agents and intermediaries is common in the procurement cycle. At the same time it provides a ready source of government revenue, and in particular foreign currency. The DRS branch of the Judiciary Police, established inwas mandated to investigate corruption and bribery cases but has since been dissolved September without any explanation.

This is a list of generalist television channels grouped by country and network. There is no proof that the government publicly discourage the military personnel from having private enterprises. Corruption allegations such as those raised against Finmeccanica and its subsidiary AgustaWestland clearly raise concerns over the lack of suitable accountability and oversight mechanisms for Algerian defence officials involved in acquisition planning.


He was accused of having used his influence on the technical committee of evaluation in which he was a board member and chose ABM in which his son-in-law is a shareholder and the Deputy Director General Source 4, 5,6.

Paris Jeune Afrique in French — Privately owned, independent weekly magazine Material in the World News Connection is generally copyrighted by the source cited.

There is extensive evidence of unauthorized private enterprise by military, as shown in several credible pieces of research and press articles. Commentators have noted that Algeria has nonetheless made efforts to diversify suppliers, including procuring military goods and services from Germany, China and Italy.

What percentage of defence and security expenditure in the budget year is dedicated to spending on secret items relating to national security and the intelligence services?

Does the government follow up on offset contract performance and perform audits to check performance and integrity? JZct 5 Interview with Interviewee 1, human rights lawyer, August Is there a legislative committee or other appropriate body responsible for defence budget scrutiny and analysis in an effective way, and is this body provided with detailed, extensive, and timely information on the defence budget? Indeed, what justice may rule in your favour if you do not have any evidence?

Research found that many businesses ranging across imports and exports, food, pharmaceutical products, construction material and other sectors are believed echourrouk be owned either by the military or military figures.

Member feedback about Chiche Atahaddak: Algeria DZ Abusive dismissals, forced retreats, abusive end of functions for fixed term contracts Such a process would include promotion boards outside of the command chain, strong formal appraisal processes, and independent oversight. In law, are off-budget military expenditures permitted, and if so, are they exceptional occurrences that are well-controlled?

History Coran TV 5 was founded on 18 Marchit has started to broadcast its programs on 18 March Evidence indicates defence spending may be directly tied to oil and gas income, rather than coming from a central government allocation, which is of significant concern.

Leaks News About Partners. There is limited evidence echourou, prosecution: Evidence such as the several scandals and corruption cases that have recently taken place in Algeria show that SAI auditing is not effective.


These provisions are thus to consider with caution. Several cases have shown that the law is not applied in practice. Tails is an operating system launched alferien a USB stick or a DVD that aim to leaves no traces when the computer is shut down after use and automatically routes your internet traffic through Tor. List of television stations in Africa topic This is a list of television stations in Africa.

One can not deny the fact that these two alerien have indeed existed and that they investigate corruption cases. LH now receives state funds of 4. The information are usually gathered quogidien countries Algeria buys weapons from, such as Russia, France, Italy or China for echourok.

There is no evidence that off budget military expenditures are either allowed or forbidden by law. Where Algerian firms were enjoying a preference margin of 15 percent, they will now enjoy a preference of 25 percent.

The Global Intelligence Files – DZA/ALGERIA/AFRICA

Five soldiers injured in a bomb explosion in Khenchla. This body is composed of former judicial police officers, magistrates, clerks and representatives from several other jurisdictions.

A range of commentary indicates that cronyism, regionalism and nepotism are likely to be rife in the intelligence services. No evidence was found concerning the effectiveness of the Financial Intelligence Unit concerning corruption and organised crime within the defence forces. An examination of known military procurement and expenditure does provide some indication on the likely national security strategy explained belowhowever there is no proof that this procurement has been formally derived from this strategy.

If you used flash media to store sensitive data, it is important to destroy the media. Indeed, foreigners had to find an Algerian resident partner in Algeria in order to invest. Players As of 28 March, Available on PDF in: The available evidence indicates that the defence budget is not subject to discussion at all. Basic pay appears to be non-discretionary. Arabic-language television stations Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 1 randyyassine It is for this reason that the government retracted by implementing the Presidential Decree No.