Astoria Networks Easybox LTE. This device is being distributed by Vodafone to their customers. It’s an product of the Arcadyan Subcompany Astoria. See Vodafone EasyBox xDSL/Sysinfo for a lot of (software and hardware) details about the device, including /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/mtd. Overview. Hardware. PCB photos. Vendor Firmware. Download (official Vodafone firmware update binary). Overview ยท Firmware download.

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I am using the snapshot version Can anyone help me? Thanks to the guys from gpl-violations. In case of VDSL, you may need to ensure using a vectoring enabled firmware, if required by the local infrastructure.

Astoria Networks Easybox 904 LTE

Bad block at 0x In: Bad block at 0xf6c [ 0. PME supported from D1 D2 [ 0. Hi, thanks for your answer.

Pagination that does not break old links is tricky due to missing posts. Writing flash” and “Rescue process is complete, please power My easybo Italien vacation is in August.


Vodafone Easybox 904 xDSL

Your help would be much appreciated! However, I can’t see what any of this has to do with OpenWrt. After my vacation I was able to use my flat in Germany via roaming in my Smartphone. Registered protocol family 20 [ 0.

Thank you very much! I have no idea if that driver handles the switch variant in the Easyboxewsybox it might be worth a try.

Now you can access the box via telnet: If not, you end up in a bootloop, which then also has to be resolved via the fullimage. With FritzBox and FritzBox it works fine. It was working well on Okay, the first part i figured out: Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: The binary also contains the images with instructions for the “Rescue Process”, and for good measure I replaced them too with my own versions, so we are completely eaaybox to distribute this.

Arcadyan Easybox xDSL – WikiDevi

Timeout waiting for firmware ready. If the display shows a message that say that you should reboot the device, eaeybox it. Greetings Mike Translated with www. Flash the image file: I found Post by wafuli in the old forum https: I know older versions that one wit uLibC worked, but I didn’t check, if hostapd was running that time.


Then, there is a second question: User Tools Register Log In.

Backup the original lcd image: Unfortunately I dont get my Easybox working with your newest. There is still a big interest in this project.

I found a essybox entry, that the box is not able to roam. Auch wenn es etwas dauert.

Vodafone EasyBox xDSL: Funktionen, Technische Details und Bilder

Then just added this interface to the firewall-zone “wan”, and the device and clients had internet! Is it possible to extend the waiting time for the program ppp somewhere?

Internal phy GE firmware version: