Design and Production organisational approvals for EASA aircraft, products, parts and appliances. Production organisations need to be able to demonstrate and maintain compliance with EASA Part 21 Subpart G. In this course, you will find out how to do that. The steadily decreasing vertical integration of the aircraft manufacturer has the consequence that a significant share of value added today is provided by the.

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The organisation must always be able to produce aeronautical products in compliance with the relevant approved production data and to put them into circulation in safe condition.

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Production activities in the aerospace industry show insignificant differences from other high-tech industries in terms of basic manufacturing processes and the flow of production. There is no data storage and no data tracking. After months of document preparation, the finished documentation POE, procedural instructions, organization chart, forms, layout of production facilities, checklists, etc. Airworthiness Accountable Manager Provides delegates with an overview of the responsibilities of the Accountable Manager within an Approved Organisation.

EASA Part 21 Subpart G Training Course

Home Commercial industry Aircraft Airworthiness. Interviews for key personnel may be carried out. As soon as the documentation fully meets the requirements, the NAA carries out a pre-audit.

Especially for this eassa, an experienced aviation consultant provides valuable support.

Signing the release document is a testament to the fact that the product, part or appliance is in fully conformity to the applicable design data, and is in a condition for safe operation. Do you need aeronautical support?


EASA Part 21 (G) Certification

Participation Booking This training is offered as an open course at fixed dates and locations. Add training to wish list. Training Details Open Courses. Additional Form 4’s may be requested by your allocated CAA surveyor.

This comprises 2g operation and its documentation. This training is offered as an open course at fixed dates and locations. Information about the MailChimp, statistical evaluation and other correction and unsubscribe options can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Regarding the organization of service provision, the complex process of aircraft production shows a clear focus on core competences. The CAA shall determine the excess hourly charge by taking the total number of excess hours taken by the CAA to complete the required investigations in relation to the application and multiplying that number of hours by an hourly charge. If the number of hours taken by the CAA to carry out its investigations in relation to the application exceeds the cost shown above, the applicant must pay an excess hourly charge.


Apply for a Part 21 Subpart G approval | UK Civil Aviation Authority

What do I need to include with my application? While Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs are focused on assembly as much as possible, systems, components, and parts are supplied by specialist suppliers.

Newsletter Every eeasa we inform about news and trends from the aeronautical quality management world. Girls in aviation day 22 October, Same day services Same day, special delivery and other customised services are available at an additional eaza.

In this case, a comparison is made between the actual operational status and the existing QM documentation. For this reason, quality system and the associated procedures must be documented. It is also suitable for those individuals responsible for the oversight of production organisations, either of subcontractors or from a regulatory perspective.


Especially for organisations that are not primarily active in aviation, it is almost impossible to obtain an approval without support from an expert. Latest Civil Aviation Authority review finds passengers still concerned about paying extra to sit together 27 Eaa, Furthermore, the original copies of the requirements will be used as reference.

Screen Reader Navigation Skip to main content Skip to content summary Skip to section navigation Skip to 12g navigation Skip to site search Skip to footer. For this reason, quality system and the associated procedures must be documented Requirements for production organisations are defined by EASA in the Implementing Rule Initial Airworthiness in Part 21 Sasa G in short: The testing and development of prototypes in support of the production process, any required part marking in accordance with subpart Q requirements.

The process of operating approval according to EASA Part 21G Often companies that are seeking production approval under Part 21G have already 21h industry experience before application.

Key Topics This training course will include the following topics: I agree that my data may be temporarily stored in order to generate my request to Lufthansa Technical Training and deleted immediately after the request has been sent. Correctly completed applications will be processed, acknowledged and passed to the Regional Office for investigation within 10 working days.

An examination will be held at the end of the course.

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