The Blood Wood (Earthdawn) [Rob Cruz, Roger Gaudreau, Jennifer Hartshorn, Ian Lemke, Diane Piron-Gelman, Louis J. Prosperi, Sharon Turner Mulvihill] on. The Blood Wood has 31 ratings and 1 review. Centuries ago, the beauty and power the Blood Wood’s Elven Court inspired awe among the Barsaive’s tribes. Bu. However, they weren’t a playable Namegiver race until The Blood Wood was released some four years later. Truth be told, they still weren’t.

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Blood Wood is an excellent support book for the main core rulebook. However the magic in the Earth caused a vast up swell in magic, that allowed powerful Horrors to break through decades before they could do so elsewhere. This included rejecting their offer of a Kaer protected by Theran magicks. An unremarkable farming villiage just off the Oid Theran Road, a simple few dozen houses surrounded by a wooden pallisade wall.

The Ritual of Thorns affected the plant and wildlife as well in strange ways and its twisting effects have caused it to be renamed the Blood Wood. Jessica Fure rated it did not like it Nov 24, The City of Tamen was a small but prosperous one, built on the backs of its skilled iron-miners and blacksmiths. When the Therans came to Barsaive, Alachia resisted them as fully as her kind could muster.

The town has well over 50 houses within the wall and another 20 just outside which makes it a small town by modern Barsaive standards. Each stretch is patrolled by one of five great T’Skrang Trade Houses. Are blood elves a secret? The Majority of Barsaive is covered in hilly uplands, plateaus, and low mountains, interupted by more serious mountain ranges liek the Throal Mountains and the Twilight Peaks.

Dink rated it really liked it Sep 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Both games make use of orichalcum, a rare magical alloy. How do they act now? Small plants grew to great size producing vast berries, particularly strawberries for which the place is named.

Earthdawn/Shadowrun Crossover Information

Sean Beattie rated it it was amazing Jul 05, When the time came, they abandoned their city, sealed the doors shut and collapsed the mine entrances to hide all trace of their existence.


They declined aid from Thera before the scourge. Even before the scourge came in force, there were people living underground for generations.

Refresh and try again.

Earthdawn – Notable locations

Death spread from that spot like a shockwave, killing the entire forest and every living creature corrupted by it. Though Aina wasn’t a blood elf because she was banished from Wyrm Wood before the Scourge. Black Madonna The lead characters of Nosferatu wind up in a complicated mix of shadowrunning and art history, culminating in a meeting with an immortal elf claiming to be Leonardo da Vinci and working on technology considerably in advance of the Shadowrun state of the art.

Located in the Caucavic Mountains North East area of the above Map Three days walk North and East of the City of Marrek where the rivers from the mountain meet the river that skirts the mountains edge.

But when the terrible Scourge descended on Barsaive, the elves refused the Theran Empire’s magical protection. After nearly a month of trekking through horror-tainted lands and many heroic battles, they had lost many people from both groups, but arrived back at the waiting Kaer, that had never given up hope of their return. The settlement in the South East of the ruined city of Parlainth occupies only a tiny fraction of the whole city, but contains its entire living population.

When they arrived at the Heart, Alachia was waiting for them, and when they tried to use Serpentsbane on Oakheart, Alamaise also appeared and a tremendous three-sided battle bloos place.

If you follow the older, no longer canon, idea of Shadowrun and Earth dawn being the same world, Aina Dupree was notable for being the only Blood Elf to defy Alachia and leave, if memory serves. He is not a permanent resident, but he goes there from time to time on various missions for the queen.

Earthdawn 1 – 10 of 50 books.

However its modern incarnation is about a decade old, with tall stout walls. The Wood itself was transformed into a different kind of creature, feeding off the constant dripping blood from the thorns of the elves.

Creatures of Earthdawn The cockatrice is the same as the SR one, although the basilisk is different. The Windlings had their own Kaer, but in gratitude decided to risk their lives blold escort their Troll liberators back home, as they were accomplished scouts who knew all manner of secret paths.

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Earthdawn/Shadowrun Crossover Information

The only way in or out was a dance taught only to the council of elders that ruled the Kaer. The Dwarves and Orks never really got along with decades of misunderstanding and feuding marking the first century beneath the Earth. Orks chafed under Dwarven rules whilst the Dwarves felt cheated at having to share their generations of hard labour with bands of thieves. Never Trust an Elf A novel, in earthdawh more references to immortals are made— indeed, the fact that some elves may be immortal is a major point of the plot.

Blood Wood | Earthdawn Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Dave rated it really liked it Feb 12, She assumed the role of Queen and sat on the Rose Throne after the death of Queen Failla and ruled for several centuries before the Scourge. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Mentions that Alamaise killed the Elf Queen. Simultaneously, every Blood Elf around the world had the plant spirit within them violently purged, killing most of them instantly. I blold know if any material specifically mentions using it for that purpose, but it seems reasonable to me.

Likewise, both sources mention the unique spirits of the Great Fiery Path. One of its great wonders is a memorial garden to the heroes of the Theran War. North of the Map A vast forest twisted by Blood Magic filled with isolationist elves, monsters and treachery.

As well, the even more forthcoming Elven Nations 4E looks at the relationships between Blood Wood and external elves. The mural depicts over 60 statues posed in combat with the centerpiece being a battle between King Varulus III and a mighty Theran Blood Mage formed into a fountain filled with red-dyed water to represent the blood coming from the wounds of slaughtered slaves.