pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Symbol Technologies DS Scanner User Manual. Page 1. SYMBOL DS RS USB. 3. 2. 1 SYMBOL DS CODES À BARRES DE PARAMÈTRAGE . Symbol ds digital scanner • Read online or download PDF • Motorola DIGITAL DS User Manual.

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Then enter a character by scanning a bar code from the Alphanumeric Keyboard on page If the symbol does manuap have a supplemental, the scanner must decode the bar code the number of times set via In addition to any single character prefix already selected, the Code ID character is inserted fs6708 the prefix and the decoded symbol.

No right to copy a licensed program in whole or in part is granted, except as permitted under copyright law. Connect the other end of the Wand Emulation interface cable to the wand port on the mobile computer or controller.

The structural rules and conventions for representing data within a particular bar code type e. Intercharacter Delay RS Interface 7 – 17 Intercharacter Delay This parameter specifies the intercharacter delay inserted between character transmissions. Code 39 Mankal Digit Verification Symbologies 13 – 35 Code 39 Check Digit Verification Parameter 30h Enable this feature to check the integrity of all Code 39 symbols to verify that the data complies with specified check digit algorithm.

For example, to decode I 2 of 5 symbols containing between 4 and 12 characters, first scan I 2 of 5 – Length Within Range. The range is from two to thirty times.

For example, to disable the decode aiming pattern, scan the Disable Decode Aiming Pattern bar code listed under Decode Aiming Pattern on page DBP is a digital signal that represents the scanned bar code.


Parameter 2Ah The check digit is the last character of the symbol used to verify the integrity of the data. Intra-keystroke Delay Keyboard Wedge Interface 11 – 9 Intra-Keystroke Delay Enable this to insert an additional delay between each emulated key depression and release. There are three options for transmitting a UPC-E preamble to the host device: Tell Us What You Think A relatively complex numeric symbology.

Decode processing continues until the ss6708 code decodes, you release the trigger, or the Decode Session Timeout occurs.

This is useful when decoding more than one code type.

Motorola DIGITAL DS User Manual | pages

Keyboard Wedge Interface 10 – 7 Ignore Unknown Characters Unknown characters are characters the host does not recognize. Connect the round female DIN keyboard connector of the Y-cable to the keyboard connector. There are three options for transmitting a UPC-E1 preamble to the host device: This chapter describes each user preference feature and provides programming bar codes for selecting these features.

To implement ADF, scan a related series of bar codes, which begin on pageor install the Scan utility see Chapter 12, In addition, some IDs may expire on the subject’s birth date and the actual expiration date field may only indicate the year.

To implement this, first enter an ADF rule that applies to the normal situation, such as: Page of 2 Go. Enable this in hand-held, hands-free, or both modes, or disable this. Page Model 1 symbol.

Software type and version number Motorola responds to calls by e-mail, telephone or fax within the time limits set forth in service agreements.

For example, to decode Code symbols containing between 4 and 12 characters, first scan Code – Length Within Range.


Motorola Symbol DS6708 Quick Start Manual

This manual also for: Upper Case 00h Lower Case 01h. Scan symbols with smaller bars or elements mil size closer to the digital scanner, and those with larger bars or elements mil size farther from the digital scanner.

Enable Disable Send Make and Break Enable this to prevent sending the scan codes for releasing a key.

The second check digit is optional. An additional megabyte of non-volatile memory for storing application and configuration files.

Use the formatted data for age verification, credit card application information, and more. To change any option, scan manuxl appropriate bar code s provided in the Scanner Emulation Host Parameters section beginning on page Table of Contents Low Light Enhancement Also See for DS Quick start manual – 2 pages Product reference manual – pages Product reference manual – pages. The dimension of a bar measured perpendicular to the bar width.

Motorola DIGITAL DS6708 User Manual

A digit used to verify a correct symbol decode. Glossary – 5 manuwl determines which characters are encoded. Different decoders expect the DBP in a certain format.

Page Index – 3 code The number of characters represented per unit of measurement e. Intercharacter Delay RS Interface 7 – 19 Intercharacter Delay This parameter specifies the intercharacter delay inserted ss6708 character transmissions. Don’t have an account?

Wand Emulation Interface Intr If you connected a digital scanner to another scanner using a Synapse cable, use the Auxiliary Synapse Port connection.