DL15 Mists of Krynn (1e) – Krynn – a vast, mysterious planet filled with wonder, beauty, and danger. The home of the best-selling Dragonlance. Dragonlance began life as the vision of game designer Tracy Hickman. DL15 Mists of Krynn () and DL16 The World of Krynn (). DRAGONLANCE® adventure for a well- balanced party between 3d and 5th levels, set in the lands of Nordmaar. Although the adventure is best set a gen-.

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Each “book” runs through four modules and contains sections of the adventure called chapters which have a continuing numbering system through that individual “book”. This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat Shelve Dragons of Hope. They also had great maps. This handsome hardcover volume was a massive new tome full of Krynn lore.

TSR Ad&d Dragon Lance Dragons of Glory Dl11 | eBay

Originally an external writer was hired, but the design group found themselves more and more disillusioned with his work. Dragons of Flame module. The original series was updated to second edition and repackaged as the three Dragonlance Classics modules.

The module series is built around the structure of three “books” that are split up similarly, but not the same, as the Dragonlance Chronicles novel trilogy. Connors, was named after the new era that settled upon Krynn following the end of the Chaos Draggonlance.


Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. DL15 and DL16 are anthologies of adventures. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

It also contained some unique societies, such as Roman-like minotaurs. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: For more information about Paizo’s Community Use Policy, please visit paizo.

DL15 Mists of Krynn and DL16 World of Krynn on DNDClassics.com!

It detailed the continent of Taladas on the other side ld15 Krynn—a setting far enough removed that readers and designer Cook! The original DL series was released from towith the final two modules added to it in Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Shelve Dragons of Desolation. Dragons of Mystery is a sourcebook on the world of Krynn and the characters in the Dragonlance series. Here are the visitor reviews we have of DL Shelve Dragons of Glory.

However, fans can once more enjoy the return of classic Dragonlance material being added to DnDClassics. DL11 Dragons of Glory was written by Douglas Niles and Tracy Hickmanwith a cover by Jeff Easleyand dragonlabce by Diana Magnuson and Jeff Butlerand was published by TSR in as a page pamphlet, dl51 8-page pamphlet, two large color maps, a cardboard counter sheet, a small zip-locked bag, and a double-thick outer folder.

Products by Type Specialized lists of Dragonlance products. Greg takes a moment to thank the listeners for sticking around all year long! Retrieved from ” https: Drayonlance World of Krynn.

Dragons of Truth by Tracy Hickman. They wrote the five chapters over a weekend and were given the job to write the accompanying novels based on that. Shelve Dragons of War. The publication of the War of Souls also marked an explosion of Dragonlance fiction, written by Paul B. While this book detailed the times, locations and characters of the original series it was not designed to recreate the original adventures, but to allow dl5 adventures to be played out that run in the same time and settings.


Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Shelve Dragons of Ice. The third book, which is never named, runs through DL10 and DL Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: This arc covered the War of the Lance.

By Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito. This book, released inprovided resources to allow Dungeon Masters to continue campaigning in the Dragonlance world.

The cover of Dragons of Desolation features a painting by Keith Parkinson which shows the heroes riding away from the floating tomb of Derkin. This is hard to get across in the often dry, reference format of a game adventure module. This success may also have been helped by the epic nature of the story: The set describes the war and the opposing armies, using Battlesystem statistics for both sides.