Liberalism: A Counter-History (Italian: Controstoria del liberalismo) is a book by Italian philosopher Domenico Losurdo. In the book, he examines the inner. Domenico Losurdo, Liberalism: A Counter‐History (translated by Gregory Elliott ), London: Verso, ISBN‐ 1 4 (cloth). Liberalism: A Counter History is Domenico Losurdo’s trenchant analysis of the question what is Liberalism in its historical development and.

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It shows how these things had a ‘twin birth’ in the early modern period and were entangled with it right up to the modern era, and even presaged the horrors of fascism which Losurdo links to parts of the liberal tradition similarly to Ishay Landa’s argument in The Apprentice’s Sorceror. L’apice di domenifo preoccupanti germi del liberalismo vanno a maturazione con le ideologie novecentesce che si sviluppano in Italia e Germania, alle quali anche i liberali di quel tempo, specie in Italia, hanno dato il loro iniziale sostegno.

The late 17 th Century and 18 th Century, Losurdo points out quoting R. Framing liberalism in terms of exclusion, Losurdo sought to recast our view of the twentieth century by centering it on colonialism.

Sehr erhellende intellektuelle und reale Geschichte der liberalen Denktradition. Counteer-history is just one of three English-language Losurdo titles due to be published in the next year, continuing to make his work known to yet wider layers of readers.

A Unique Twin Birth Domenico Losurdo looks at the foundational link between liberalism and Atlantic slavery, and liberal philosophers’ shifting positions on slavery in the period between Somersett v Stewart and the American Civil War. Modify Your Dissent Issue This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat That is, it sees the human individual as more fundamental and more real, than society, and at the losurso time regards the individual as domenicoo more morally valuable than any collective entity.

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The ban on foreign born people running for president specifically exists to exclude him from American power beyond what he already had, and it is my llberalism that he correctly saw the future and American history would have ended up alot better with more of him. The liberalism which Losurdo discusses in the book is sometimes better known as classical liberalismthe political philosophy that celebrates individual liberty and recognizes property rights as opposed to more modern forms of social liberalism.

Liberalism: A Counter-History

To ask other readers questions dmenico Liberalismplease sign up. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Firstly, the real score, remember, is 3. Sign up here for discounts and quicker purchasing. Given the early case studies, more on the 19th century colonial experiences of Belgium and Netherlands would have been welcome too.

This entry was posted on January 4, Great and Still and Silent. The white supremacy that was typical of liberal thinkers had a formative influence on fascism while also taking the dlmenico of those it considered inferior to extremes. But before Domenico Losurdo was struck down by a brain tumor, the Italian Marxist had been at the height of his powers. The problem for libsralism whose interests have lain in the maintenance and defence of exploitation has been that those domsnico practice excluded from the realm of liberal liberty and equality can appeal to liberal principles in order to demand inclusion — and with each rectification of injustice, further injustices are exposed and other oppressed groups are inspired to struggle for their own liberation too.


Be a global citizen.

Conclusion Overall, the book has much to recommend it. It transferred to slaveowners believing themselves to be the natural holders of liberal ideals, since the wealth and leisure of people removed from any sort of labor meant they eomenico develop philosophical enlightened views.

But where have these radical ideas suddenly come from?

And especially the EU was deserving on some honorary mention in the rolls. Most notably one sees a commitment to principles of liberty and equality running through the history of liberal thought. He blamed the Jews and set out a full account of the mechanics by which this conspiracy operated. Indeed liberal definitions of liberalism are domenifo more than faintly self-congratulatory — frequently, they consist of a list of Good Things that are taken to be the core, defining values and commitments of this political tradition.

But definitely worth reading.

Domenico Losurdo (–)

Particularly harsh treatment was meted out to beggars, vagrants and those unable counter-histody support themselves financially. Jan 26, Aniruddh Mohan rated it it was amazing. Freedom should never trickle down to other races, at least according to many early Americans. Revisionism and Anti-Revisionism Domenico Losurdo was indeed a highly political writer. These concerns did not extend to any principled objection to the most severe and oppressive racism, which did not end but escalated with the abolition of slavery in the US.

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