Doka Xtra. Dokaflex Load-bearing towers. – DOKA FORMWORK SYSTEMS. 2. The unbeatably fast table- form with the perfect fit. The manual system with. User information Dokaflex 5. – 07/ Ü. The Formwork Experts. Erecting the formwork. ○ Doka products and systems must be set up in. Download the catalogue and request prices of Dokaflex By doka italia.

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Effective floor-slab spans of 7. Hydroelectric Power Station 5 de Noviembre More.

Slab Dead load thickness DLconcrete 2. Improve the environment with a turnkey materials handling system. Skip to main content. The beam and prop spacings are optimised depending on the layout, and in accordance with the slab load.

Use suitable tools etc. Spacing of primary beams Slab Spacing of Position of Beam thickness d secondary beams forming support 20 cm Suitable products Floor props. The dokaglex reshoring stays in place until the concrete has attained sufficient load-bearing strength. New system offers super fast set-ups.

Other cracking phenomena can be countered effec- tively by appropriate curing methods.

Failure to do so can cause acci- dents and severe even life-threatening damage to Closing the formwork health, as well as very great material damage.

With our consulting, planning and other services, we help you achieve effective implementation of your formwork assignment using our formwork products — in every one of these stages.


We at Doka know our clients’ varying requirements. Operational reliability is also enhanced by the high level of detail of the plans. Prop spacing from table b Please refer to our extensive privacy statement for more information.

Hand-Set System | Dokaflex 1-2-4

Engineered Lightweight Modular Platform System. The quantities are computed very simply, using the slide-rule, with no need for formwork planning. Two Stacking ing multi-trip packaging items: A Tr Repositioning by dokaflrx truck or pallet stacking truck A Slide-bolt for fixing the partition The forks can be inserted under either the broadside or the narrowside of the containers.

This results in a clean concrete surface. This value-for-money, high-speed system has a pre- defined stripping sequence which boosts efficiency and Dokamatic dokafled Dokaflex tables evens out the site crew’s workload. Fasten the load to the stacking pallet so that it cannot slide or tip out. As a basic rule, it is forbidden to use formwork beams “horizontally” i.

Modular formwork / metal / for floors – DOKAFLEX – DOKA FRANCE

Step 1 Folding tripods and intermediate props are removed. Floor influence zone on either side of the drop-beam max. You can import the automatically generated piece-lists into many other programs for further processing. In certain special situations, e.

Hand-Set System | Dokaflex

An enterprise forming part of the Umdasch Group, the With more than sales and logistics facilities in over Doka Group employs a worldwide workforce of more 70 countries, the Doka Group has a highly efficient dis- than Doka Xtra head If the project requires early stripping, the Dokaflex timber-beam formwork system can be equipped with the Doka Xtra head.


Dokaflex can be adapted to the most complex layouts; it also optimises the formwork equipment needed beam and prop spacings are optimised depending on the layout, and in accordance with the floor load infill zones are formed quickly and easily without additional props by telescoping the formwork beams.

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Optimisation of beam and prop spacings Max. This may lead to overloading, and only leads to an increase in the total deformation of less to the floor props being damaged.

Dokaflex is the fast, versatile floor-slab formwork for any desired layout. You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement. You can get to work right away with the piece-lists, plans, views, sections 1-24 perspective drawings that the program gives you.