Fill Dlse Form 55 Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Employees claiming violations of California’s meal and rest period laws should complete DLSE Form They can then detail the number of. overtime hours worked) or meal and rest period violations you should use this form: DLSE (Rev. 10/03). Here’s a sample Sample DLSE

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The conference is an attempt to resolve the matter without going to the hearing. It is important to note however that employers frequently misclassify employees as independent contractors considered wage theft so they can stiff them for overtime pay and minimum wages.

Sick Leave Pay for time accrued and used for which an employee was not paid. If the employee presents documents they created like their own record of hours workedthe documents will probably be given more weight if they made them as a regular practice while working. Attach a copy of the Collective Bargaining Agreement during the instance of the union contract covering the employment. The claim is then assigned to a Deputy Labor Commissioner who will determine the best way to proceed depending on the circumstances of the claim.

Your inputs are not required on the last page as it is reserved for the office use. Superior Court Cal. The hearing officer may consider evidence that might be excluded in a normal court proceeding, like hearsay evidence. Often times the parties will reach a settlement which requires execution of a general release of all claims.


Need to make a payment? At the same time, that provision discourages employers from appealing. Employer must post a bond or pay cash as collateral.

A wage claim is a type complaint that workers can file against their employer or former employer to recover money they are owed.

Free California Labor Commission Initial Report (DLSE Form 1) | PDF Template | Form Download

Mix 22 Cal. Fortunately, employees are not required to keep these records and therefore are not required to submit them to DLSE to prove their claim. The rare decision to grant the request is within the discretion of the hearing officer and senior deputy. The Deputy will facilitate discussion and attempt to determine the merits of the claim.

DLSE forms – wage

In order for your employer to appeal, it must first post an undertaking equivalent to the amount ddlse the award. It is best for the form to be filed with the office location that handles wage claims for the area where the work was performed. If, however, it is clear that the claim has no merit at all, the forrm may dismiss it without a hearing.

Mark all that apply and furnish particulars dlsee front of the selection. The ODA will be filed in the DLSE office within fifteen 15 days after the hearing and the parties will be served with a copy shortly thereafter. This settlement conference is sometimes referred to as a conciliation conference. Print your name on the foremost line of page 2. The employee has the opportunity to explain the basis of his or her claim, and the employer has an opportunity to respond to the allegations.


For more info read our article on California meal and rest break policy.

This rule has been implemented to discourage frivolous appeals and waste of judicial resources. Employees who are concerned with their wage compensation may consider discussing the issue with their supervisors or employers to work out a lawful solution.

In the event the claim is not resolved at the conference, the Deputy may determine the claim be referred to a hearing, or dismissed there is no legal grounds to proceed. Make your selections carefully in 27b and provide date if you select Yes.

The parties will not be under oath when answering questions, but should be prepared to discuss the claim with the Deputy. All three are explored in more detail below. Local District Office Contact Information. It is important for both parties to make all attempts possible to attend the hearing.