So when [GreatScott] rebuilt his recent DIY coil gun with discrete logic, mechanism for a small coil gun, and as such he chose an Arduino to. How to Make a Coilgun. When you hear the word coilgun, you might imagine a futuristic weapon that shoots electricity or coils, but these experimental devices. A coil-gun uses a magnetic field to accelerate a bullet up to projectile speed. Jason’s uses a bank of recycled rechargeable laptop batteries to.

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Remove all of the wire and tape from the bobbin. The EM coil gun design can cojlgun used as a starting point for more advanced experimentation. Help answer questions Learn more.

DIY coilgun gives clever hobbyists the risk of permanent injury

Place the cores on the bobbin and tape that in place with transformer tape as shown in Figure 5-G. If the circuit has degraded enough, you might not be able to replace components if you cannot ascertain the correct original values they only wrote the refdes near the component, not the value, etc….

When the desired voltage has been reached, the output of the comparator goes high and turns on transistor Q2 and the fire indicator light emitting diode D6. For example, the bugs about powering the coils on indefinitely would be solved by a one-shot timer at the trigger, which would enable power to the relevant circuits for the few milliseconds they actually need to be on and then turn it all off.

Add to that a couple capacitors, resistors, the button of course and the optical sensors, and not much else. A coil gun is a type of rifle that uses an electromagnetic accelerator coil or a series of coils to accelerate a metallic projectile.


Every now and then a DIY project surfaces on the Internet that’s so cool we have to share it, especially those we should probably recommend coilgkn not try at home. Don’t electrocute yourself Soldering irons are hot, don’t burn yourself!

The monostable can be trivially capacitor-coupled to trigger on a rising or falling signal edge, which solves the problem of burning the circuit by keeping the trigger down. When the capacitor bank is charged to VDC, the amount of energy that will be switched to the accelerator coil is joules.

Video: DIY Coilgun Turns Voltage into Kilojoule Projectile Power | Popular Science

Use extreme caution when experimenting with high voltage and capacitor discharge circuits. Ok, I am waiting for your blogpost when you do it with an Intel Curie. How do I make the cast out of plywood like that in the illustration, if it would come out as a 2D figure?

The propulsion for these systems is the detonation of gunpowder that causes an explosion behind a projectile positioned in a tube barrel that is closed at one end the breech. A general pistol grip construction template is shown in Figure 11 and can be fabricated out of plastic or aluminum.

The pistol grip can be configured however you like, just as long as you can mount a fire switch. What took a line of code in the Arduino sketch to fix required an additional comparator stage and an RC dy to build a timer to deenergize the coil automatically.

I like that he took up the challenge to replace the microcontroller with more discrete components. Use two plastic or cardboard discs glued to each end of the barrel on both sides of the coil to add support. The trigger switch used is a microswitch type but any momentary contact switch can be used.

To increase the power of your coil gun, follow this guide Note: Do not, under any circumstances, use this to harm another human being or animal. He went to a lot more effort than I would have, simply to prove a point. So when [GreatScott] rebuilt his recent DIY coil gun with discrete logicwe just had to get the word out. But you end up designing a folded back on itself oddity that is very difficult to understand and add to, and is highly intolerant of part substitutions.


Same goes for the hot glue gun I am not responsible for any damage or harm you cause with this device. Try to come up with some sort of rifled barrel or perhaps adding coilgn fins cooilgun the projectile. Actually, the circuit would be very simple and intuitive. When this has been done, find the capacitor, which would be a cylindrical thing, larger than most of the components in the circuit.

Make sure to discharge the capacitor too do this by firing but not coilugn it back to the battery. Warnings Wear rubber gloves when firing or handling to avoid getting shocked. The completed capacitor bank is shown in Figure 9.

DIY Coil Gun Redux: Life Really is Easier with Arduino | Hackaday

The velocities listed in Table 1 were measured with a commercial chronograph. You will receive a very painful shock. A large electric current is switched from a fast discharge storage device usually a capacitor bank into a coil of wire wrapped around a barrel to produce the strong magnetic field required for the rapid acceleration of the metallic projectile. As well as the duty cycle?

Note that the capacitor bank is charged through the accelerator coil. I have no idea what the transistor specs are, since there is no writing.