A more advanced version has been developed by Derek Rake which has been expanded by his followers into what’s knownas the. Fractionation Formula. throughout your day. Paul told Timothy, “Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all thi The Player’s Guide – Forbidden Seduction. Many years later, the fractionation technique was developed by John Grinder. Derek Rake perfected the method during the ‘s and then released a course .

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Frractionation email address will not be published. Can one use fractionation to enslave multiple women and date them at the same time,without them leaving you for being polygamous?

JoN January 18, I have recorded a Masterclass which derrek through a handful of Mind Control fractionaation which you can attend by clicking here. The truth is that only low status individuals who use these techniques as a cover to mask their own insecurities around women would do such a thing.

Fractionation Seduction features effective steps that should be done in order to create an attraction between its practitioner and to almost any woman in the quickest amount of time.

Fractionation – How To Attract Women With Mind Control

Like how many different ways do you think I could use it in my music? The theory is based on polarity: Get an exclusive invite to Derek Rake’s online Masterclass by entering your best email address below. No credit card required. Do that as many times a day as you find necessary. The solution to that problem is Fractionation.


As you have already seen, much of your success when you try to get a woman to Fractionate depends on your storytelling skills.

Fractionation – The Mind Control Tactic To Attract And Enslave Women

Why were you happy? So, whenever you need to use the Fractionation Mind Control technique to seduce a woman, all you need to do is follow each fractiionation in the checklist in the document and it will walk you through the whole process. You need to know how to talk to girls before you can attempt fractionation.

Please email me with instructions. By far the most complete Fractionation guide online.

Fractionation – Seduction & Hypnosis (by Derek Rake)

You are victimizing woman and should be thrown in jail. And to the guys who are reading this: January 6, at But the good news is that you can help yourself. And should the emotional roller coaster all be the same song? Here are some sample Fractionation hypnosis scripts which you can use:. Would I be able to do fractionation with music?

Why expose it to the mainstream and risk diluting it for us in the know? Contact the fractionatino here. Hi, Some guy used this technique on me in an abusive relationship. For example, put her into trance, pull her out again, then put her back into trance. And I believe that I have found it… in the form of fractionation. Now, to start you off on the right foot on using Mind Control to attract women, attend this online Masterclass conducted by Derek Rake founder of the legendary Shogun Method —.


Get an exclusive invite to Derek Rake’s online Masterclass by entering your best email address below. However, if you can promise me that your reasons for wanting to learn Mind Control are good and noble …. Here are a couple of examples where you might have encountered Fractionation in your everyday life.

Just keep plowing… and her barriers will crumble down like dominoes. First, be honest and make friendly eye contact. I’ll show you how to dominate your woman using Mind Control in my special Online Masterclass today. It was a watershed moment for the then underground Pickup Artist community. July 21, at 1: Dating coaches will advise against this technique because 1.

July 27, at rrake Do you remember any time that you felt particularly sad, or even depressed? I bet you have high standards. Supporters of the theory claim that fractionation can make a woman fall in love and get in bed with you in just 15 minutes — but is it true?