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He talked to me about the fact that he was expected to coopr sex with any of his friends who wanted him. The Frenchman got it as right as can be – to find shit lovely and delicious.

My Loose Thread

The novel centers on Larry, a boy who has so little control over his own life ckoper sexual drives that he numbly repeats, “I’m really confused” like a modern-day mantra. It’s a dirty world we live in.

And Alex is also responsible for this line, the novel’s best: Larry fears that he might be gay, and lashes out violently in moments of uncomfortable sexual ambiguity: It seems simple enough. At moments in any other book I would have been pointing out a characters idiocy or ignorance I simply didn’t care. For sake of ridiculous comparisons I have to say that it reads almost as a postmodern poem that rejects capitalization thereby making every capital letter that much more important in the end. It made me wonder if the young man did find a way to break free from what really was a bondage of friendship.

Share his nihlistic vision, if you dare! This is the opposite. By the end, you no longer wonder how tragedies like Columbine happen, but why they don’t happen more often. Where sex was just something to do to kill an hour. Even when his mother dies he struggles to define his lack of emotion. There is an unflinching aspect to the writing that I find compelling – the casual nature of the relationships, the stark representation of subculture – but in seeking to portray a series of fundamentally vacuous lives, you also end up with something that feels very antiseptic.


In an emotionally harrowing scene, a physically scarred, martyrlike Bill makes an impression on Larry with his honesty, both in person and in the journal notebook he’s written, which Gilman wants destroyed. I was confused and thrown off. Likewise, looking at that list of events, those people who object to the Hunger Games as teen reading would almost certainly consider a novel like My Loose Thread completely inappropriate teen reading.

I’ve read other reviews that have characterised George with phrases like “just looking for love”, which feels like a bizarrely romanticised view of so detached and elusive a character. But I do feel that to a degree the mindset of these characters can probably only be entirely understood by people we would deem to immature to cope with a novel like this. After hearing lots of positive things I was really excited to read it but I was just disappointed from beginning to end. Most of the time they are actually thinking about screwing someone else while they are screwing George.

This book should be exceedingly disturbing, but it isn’t.

His shockaholic fiction ignores the superficial and drives straight down the dark road of teenaged boys emotionally ruined by the fragmented environments they inhabit. The novel tackles subject matter such as incest, murder, self-harm, school shootings, and homosexuality versus homophobia — all in all it was not a pleasant read. No, I cannot explain. To view it, click here. By realistic, I’m not talking about the content. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

I’ll give it 2 stars for that. Trivia About My Loose Thread.

This is a book about traumatized teenagers trying to process their trauma in a world where being gay isn’t really a big deal – or at least where the trauma of being gay is such a normal part of life that it no longer scans as traumatic. I recently sold a copy to a bookstore customer an adult, thank goodness who told me “Hey, my favorite book is To Kill A MockingbirdI can handle issues.


The accommodat ion for our Christmas Ladies Night Out was amazing.

My Loose Thread by Dennis Cooper

Eso si, cuando pase un tiempito, porque leerse muchas novelas seguidas de este tio estoy seguro de que no puede ser sano para la puta cabeza A destacar: I wish I’d dog-eared the page where the word “closer” appears because that paragraph felt l Re-read Only the scenery is similar. He is numb to almost all that surrounds him. If shooting, hacking up, and strangling your school mates is not enough, Dennis threw in a little incestuous sex and gay issues along with a juvenile Nazi fan club.

Yet if you want to read and re-read what happens to many teenagers that are just fucked up, give it a shot. His books were passed around between my friends like an illicit drug. View all 10 comments. And denjis here, my review xacheo wandered off into something no longer cacheoo the book, and with little in the way of a structured argument, so I shall conclude with my opinion on the actual book.

Like i did with Bret Easton Ellis. The plot was underdeveloped, the characters even more so, it just didn’t go anywhere. Other books in the series. What is happening to me in my early middle-age? One of Dennis Cooper’s most incredible cwcheo. Analysis Services caches data to boost query performance.

For the most part, not in a “good read” way either. Mar 20, Imogen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: At that point, it struck me mostly as better shock material — sort of “these are things that denis and no one wants to talk about them” which is not without value, though also not the most compelling.

Jun 27, Lauren rated it liked it.