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Establishes regulations, procedures and penalties for the use, theft and defacement of insurance stamps. Employment Miscellaneous Provisions Act, Cap.

States that the Government-in-Executive delegates to the Minister of Finance, under the Casual Employees Pensions Actthe power to grant a reuced pension and gratuity to an employee in lieu of a full pension if that employee so wishes. This Act establishes the Rural Development Commission as a body corporate, defines its functions and powers and provides with respect to its organization.

Establishes a wages deccreto for employees in the shirt and garment industry.

Decreyo Assistance Regulations, S. Authorizes these Officers to make inspections of businesses and employers. Further, sets the state regulation of alternative service Chapter II ; replacement of military service with alternative service Chapter III ; carrying out alternative service Chapter IV ; social rights and guarantees for citizens carrying out alternative service Chapter V ; final provisions Chapter VI. Agricultural Aids Act Cap.

Under the Act, a registered society is a body corporate governed by its own by-laws. Amends the Holidays With Pay Act by amending the definition of “year of employment. Dscreto out provisions deemed to be included in public contracts. Part two sets out miscellaneous provisions for, inter alia, the entitlement to more than one benefit, special payments relating to payments under the Workmen’s Compensation Act and payments to persons absent decrero. Public Holidays Act Act No. The Protection of Wages Act Cap.


Establishes a National Training Fund and sets out regulations concerning disbursements from the fund, accounts and audits. Amends the Accidents and Occupational Diseases Notification Act sections 3 13 2 by inserting subsections 2A and 2B regarding records of all accidents3 3and 8 and by deleting the Third Schedule and inserting a new one in its place.

Part Six establishes miscellaneous and decretoo regulations. Makes special provisions regarding self-empoyed persons and persons declared included in a particular class of insured persons.

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Makes some minor amendments to recruiting of Workers Regulations, and Barbados Independence Act Cap. The exemption was instituted by law of 12 novembern. National Assistance Act Cap.

Establishes the procedures for, rate schedule of and logistics of the payment of contributions.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Establishes procedures for wages computation and obligates employers to maintain employee records. The aid is partially incompatible with the common market as the beneficiaries did not pay a significant part of the tax.

An Act to make provision for the insurance of certain persons employed abroad and for an improved method of collecting unpaid national insurance and other contributions. Makes provision for employment which is included among insurable employment, excepted employment, and persons to be treated as employers. Makes explicit the conditions under which a person appointed as a member of a wages council may hold office.

Sets up, inter alia, the State policy in the sphere of education, its financing, defines the various stages of education pre-school, school, vocational, graduate and post graduate. Part one states the entitlement, conditions, rates amountsduration, required documents, conditions for disqualification and special provisions for the distribution of sickness benefits, maternity benefits, funeral grants, invalidity benefits, old age contributory grants and pensions and survivors’ benefits. Specifies annual salaries for various grades of teachers, counsellors and school principals.


Makes new provisions relating to the employment of persons generally, young persons and children.

Decreto 52054 pdf download

Time terms in enforcement vecreto Chapter IV: Plans to build a premises for purposes of an offensive trade shall be submitted to and approved by the Medical Officer of Health.

Makes explicit the conditions under which a person appointed as a member of a wages council may hold office. Makes explicit the procedures on the determination of claims for insurance benefits, appeals of decisions made on xecreto claims or questions put forth by the National Insurance Director or Insurance Board regarding such claims. Barbados – – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc. The remaining provisions prescribe offences and penalties and define powers of public officials.

Provides for the establishment of Wages Councils. Approves the list of insurance tariffs and lists the industries that should apply them. Includes rate schedule for required weekly contributions. The Commission shall carry out certain infrastructure works, provide technical assistance to farmers, allocate public land to potential farmers, provide assistance to the cotton industry in rural areas and carry out other functions necessary to effectively carry out the purposes of this Act. It also includes provisions on sources decrreto funds, payment, voluntary contributions and the collection of contributions.

Includes the rate schedule for the amount of the employed persons’ required weekly contribution.