The Death Korps of Krieg is the name given to all of the Astra Militarum Orphean War and was part of the Korps’ Assault Brigade during the Battle of Amarah. Hi, I have just been reading up on the fluff on DKoK and I was tactics + artillery and Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade, which is more. Warhammer 7th Edition. Contribute to BSData/wh40k-7th-edition development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Note that Tau have some really nasty Apocalypse fliers which are due for an update soon and already seem designed sasault destroy anything you can field which they kind of were in fluff.

This page was last modified on 8 Septemberat No sacrifice was considered too high a price to pay in the Emperor’s service. Considering they include some of the AM orders in the book, I’d put it as a firm no.

I deal with flyers by ignoring them until they go way. Your ad here, right now: In the end it seems to come down whether i want to field death riders or the LR executioners, im playing mostly brigaee SMso i need something big to bring down his termies, kriey and knight titans.

Death Korps of Krieg | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Assault list is the better of the two and provides a solid basis that the sloppy cut and paste Siege list can compliment nicely. In war zones that mirrored the horrific state of their homeworld, the Death Korps regiments proved superior to other Imperial Guard Militarum Regimentum. Commissars assigned assaault Krieg regiments are not required to maintain order and zeal, as is normally the case, but rather, to xssault interaction between Krieg and non-Krieg regiments and curb the self-sacrificial tendencies of their charges.

A Death Korps Commissar.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade(7E)

Personally I don’t really like the Cyclop as a unit but otherwise I really like your force. I just took a glance over thier fluff and it really leapt out at me.

If someone finds any official statements, feel free to edit this part – but please add your sources! Krieg regiments operate under the standard and recognisable Astra Militarum command structure laid down by the Departmento Munitorum, with some minor local variation in insignia and designation, one example being that infantry Sergeants are known by the title “Watchmaster,” whilst Sergeants of the Death Rider companies are known as “Ridemasters.


That are out of date. I ignore my objective and rely upon the fact that by staying out of cover with the infantry platoons and bunching up to maximize losses from templates, I can get loads of free units pouring into my deployment zone just in time to replace the slaughtered defenders of the non-recyclables. I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. However, due to reasons only known to the scribes of the Departmento Munitorummany of these regiments from Krieg were diverted.

Unfortunately not a lot of people play DKoK because it has a reputation of being a bottom tier army. Head over to their website to check out their range in the 40k section. Agreed the death riders look absolutely bad ass. Unless you are from Australia, in which case it’s cheaper than normal plastic IG models.

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Are they just a paint up of guard? Your Death Korps infantry Platoons get Objective Secured and while someone remains embarked upon the Gorgons they receive It Will Not Die, but if you disembark a unit from the Gorgon they get to fix bayonets and get Furious Charge for that turn.

And the odd flying mc can be swatted out of the sky with enough Dakka!

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It should be released mid-late One of the wonderful things about Krieg is that against shooting they are not taking morale checks for losses and the field artillery is an artillery unit so it is T7 that can find easy cover saves so you need only keep three guys behind the guns, the rest of the crew in front and as long as you are not assaulted, you will be a very tough nut to crack. A Death Korps Quartermaster attending to a wounded comrade. Krieg’s tithes are the maximum for the planet’s population, raising tens of regiments every year where a comparably-sized world might be expected to tithe one regiment every solar decade.


I think I know what you mean about fliers. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The majority deployed to Kulthwhile others azsault dispatched to the bastions on Ashenthe Ork -dominated manufactoria of Asterionthe subterranean mines of Virbiusand the hostile duality of Januswhere the nights freeze and the days burn, to reinforce the conflicts already raging on those worlds.

To quote Planet of the Apes: At Yakumo-san’s house, two people left; so how many passengers in total?

As a vehicle it can be a soft target unless you load up on them, which the Assault list allows, but even one tucked away in a corner is good. I was thinking 3 of each but that’ll eat through Heavy choices fairly quickly and I won’t have the troops to defend them. I could drop the avenger strike fighter for more troops, but my roommate has no AA or aircrafts, so i would have air superiority. Back to top 5 Jud Cottrell Posted 06 January – There do exist Death Korps of Krieg army lists, which are basically alternate army configurations and wargear configurations that let you build a fluffy list.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Death Korps of Krieg Siege Regiment(7E)

Assault Brigade in 7th Edition. Now if i would pick any of those i get a feeling i should also have rapier laser destroyers to defend them, from deepstrikers and such, but then i might as well start steering towards the siege regiment list.

Sign In Register now! However, if it’s fluff you want, the Siege Regiment list still reigns supreme, being designed specifically with regards to the number of men that can be fielded at any one time, whereas here they’re more expensive but have broader application. Brigaade really starting to like this!