Imam Ghazali () who is world’s one of the most influential thinkers, reformers, and spiritual transformers and whose books are a. My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter By Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali ( May God Shower His Mercy Upon Him) From Imam Ghazali’s Arabic Book. Who was Imam Ghazali (RA)?. Imam Ghazali (RA) [ CE] is most famous for his contributions in philosophy, religion and Sufism. He is also known as.

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Dear Beloved Son by Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali ::

The first benefit is that I looked at the people of this world and saw that everyone has a beloved. In that [long] time period, what benefit have you derived from me? If you do something and you consider it an act of worship but you do beeloved do it to obey the commandment of Prophet Muhammad May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him then this will not be counted as worship but instead will be counted as a sin even though it might be prayer or fasting.

When you do good deeds, your heart should not be inclined towards people [to impress them and to gain their praise]. You did a very good thing and said a very good thing. It’s very easy to give this advice to all the people of the whole world but it’s dea difficult to act upon it oneself. Excerpt from this book: However, he still did not know which belived of knowledge from among the branches of knowledge he studied, would be of real help to him, would illumine his grave, would be beneficial to him on the Day of Judgment and which branches of knowledge would not be of benefit to him on the Bleoved of Judgment, so that he could refrain from those branches of knowledge because the Holy Prophet Muhammad May Peace and Blessings of Allah be Upon him said: If you have the knowledge that your life will ghaxali for no more than a week, then in that week i.


Knowledge without actions is madness and actions without knowledge are useless. You have told a very good thing.

The fifth benefit is that I looked at the people who were complaining about each other. But this knowledge should be acquired to such an extent so that you can obey the rear of Allah, the Exalted.

If you do something or do not do something then do it in deaar with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. The example of [Shaykh’s spiritual] training is just like that of a farmer who when looking after a crop sees the unnecessary grass that emerged, pulls them out of the crop.

The sixth benefit is that when I glanced at the people, I saw that ghqzali person is having enmity with someone else for some reason. Upon seeing that, I deliberated on the following holy verse [from Quran]: The second condition is that true and complete repentance Taubatun Nasuh should be done in such a way that [a seeker of Allah] will not return to this humiliation [of sins].

The decision by Claritas is final and binding. When the Messenger of Allah Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him departed from this world, he appointed his deputies and caliphs in his place so that they become a proof Daleel of the Way of Allah, the Exalted, until the Day of Judgment.

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You can understand this [important] point from the example that if someone is passing through a jungle or desert holding ten sharp swords, good arches along with some other weapons, and ghazalk the art of war and method of using these weapons and all of brloved sudden is confronted by a lion.

Make efforts for performing pious deeds because then you will be going to the grave. Therefore, I pondered on this holy verse in which Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, says: So whatever is written, keep putting them into practice so that those matters will be clarified desr you, which you do not yet know.

Enter the Code from Above:. Now narrate the fourth benefit. All these things that I mentioned above should be narrated in a sermon [or religious talk]. Uploaded by Wisdom and Sprituality on October 20, No doubt, he is your avowed open enemy and worship Me alone [because] this is the straight path.

Now you should understand that: It is to narrate one’s shortcomings in Allah’s servitude and to express regrets on useless endeavors and the life wasted [in useless pursuits].

My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter by Imam Ghazali

You did a very good thing and told a very good thing. During this period of his youth, Imam Ghazali had the opportunity ghazzli travel extensively. However, they will be explained here too, in a concise way Inshallah God- willing. It is not an obligation to learn from the knowledge of Shari’ah Divine law anymore than that.