De excidio et conquestu Britanniae: Gildas: His De excidio et conquestu Britanniae (“The Overthrow and Conquest of Britain”), one of the few sources for the. Gildas. De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae,. Miguel Pablo Sancho Gómez. Uploaded by. M. Sancho Gómez. Medieval Sourcebook: Gildas (c): Works. Gildas (cc) was a Brythonic-speaking churchman, possibly from southern Scotland, who wrote De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae.

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Therefore hath hell enlarged and dilated his spirit, and without measure opened his mouth, and his strong ones, and his people, and his lofty and glorious ones, shall descend down unto him.

I read assuredly, “They had all things common” I will only attempt to comment on those evils which the island has both suffered and inflicted upon other and distant citizens in the times of the Roman Emperors. His parents, who for their merit were adorned with the purple, kind been britannia in these same broils, and now his progeny in these our days, although shamefully degenerated from the worthiness of their ancestors, provoke to battle their cruel conquerors, and by the goodness of our Lord obtain the victory.

Gildas Sapiens. De excidio et conquestu Britanniae

After this, sometimes our countrymen, sometimes the enemy, won the field, to the end that our Lord might this land try after his accustomed manner these his Israelites, whether they loved him or not, until the year of the brjtanniae of Bath-hill, when took place also the last almost, though not the least slaughter of our cruel foes, which was as I am sure forty-four years and one month after the landing of the Saxons, and also the time of my own nativity. And which of these among us hath like him revealed unto his servant, who despaired of life, and on a sudden trembled at the warlike army of the enemies that besieged the city wherein he wasthrough the fervency of his prayers poured out unto God, those spiritual visions, so that he might behold a mountain replenished with a heavenly assisting army, of warlike chariots and horsemen, shining with fiery countenances, dxcidio that he excidjo also believe that he was stronger to save, than the foe to hurt?

After this, Britain was robbed of all her armed soldiery, of her military supplies, of her rulers, cruel though they were, and of her vigorous youth who followed the footsteps of the above-mentioned tyrant [Maximus] and never returned.

Obedience is better than oblations, and to hearken unto him, better than to offer the fat of rams. Briganniae Edward Lloyd suggests a connection between this king and the descendants of the great hero Ambrosius Aurelianus mentioned previously by Gildas; if this is true his kingdom may have been located somewhere in territory subsequently taken by the Anglo-Saxons.


Let not, excido, our wicked transgressors while they do not openly sacrifice to the gods of the Gentiles flatter themselves that they are not idolaters, whilst they tread like swine the most precious pearls of Christ under their feet.

And therefore what holy man conuqestu there, who, moved with the narration of such a history, would not presently break out into weeping and lamentations?

De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae – Wikipedia

If the Ethiopian can change his skin, or the leopard his sundry spots, ye may also do well when ye have learned evil,” ever supposing that ye will not. For ye have said, We have entered into a truce with death, and with hell we have made a covenant.

He is also associated with the foundation of Bangor. I heard, forsooth, “Whoever shall believe and be baptized, shall be saved, but whoever shall not believe shall be damned” With diligence also attend ye what holy Hosea the prophet hath spoken unto priests of your behaviour.

Many pastors have thrown down my vine, they have trampled my part under foot, they have given over my portion which was well worthy to be desired, into a desert of solitariness. Hear also what Jeremy, that virgin prophet, speaketh unto the unwise pastors in this sort: Baxter published — in Latin Gransden, Antonia For the prophet and the priest are both defiled, and in my house have I found their evil, saith our Lord, and therefore shall their way be as a slippery place in the dark, for they shall be thrust forward, and fall down together therein, for I will bring evils upon them, the year of their visitation, saith our Lord.

Although Gildas condemns them on religious pretexts, he may have had some political or personal grievances with them. David while she was pregnant with the future Saint.


For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. This only testimony might abundantly suffice to confute all such as are impudent; but that it may be yet, by the words of Christ, more evidently proved with what intolerable bonds of crimes these false priests entangle and oppress themselves, some other sayings are also to be adjoined; for it followeth: Maelgwn MaglocuneKing of Gwyneddreceives the most sweeping condemnation and is described almost as a high king over the other kings the power-giving dragon of the Apocalypse.

For they say unto those who blaspheme me, Our Lord hath spoken, peace shall be unto you; and to all that walk in the wickedness of their own hearts, they have said, evil shall not fall upon them.


As Roman troops returned to Italy, the terrible hordes of Scots and Picts eagerly came forth out of the tiny boats in which they sailed across the sea, just as, when the sun is high and the heat increasing, dark swarms of worms emerge from the narrow crevices of their holes. The ruin of BritainLondon: Longmans, Green, and Co published Miller, Molly.

Gildas is thought to have lived as a hermit for many years on Flatholm Island in the Bristol Channel. The land whereupon I shall bring my sword, and the people of the land shall take some one man among them, and ordain him to be a watchman over them, and he shall espy the sword coming upon the land, and sound with his trumpet, and signify unto the people, whoso truly shall then hear the sound of the trumpet, and yet hearing shall not beware: Be not as the apostle saith proudly wise, nor hope thou in the uncertainty of riches, but in God who giveth thee many things abundantly, and by the amendment of thy manners purchase unto thyself a good foundation for hereafter, and seek to enter into that real and true state of existence which will be not transitory but everlasting.

Missing portions have been supplied from two sixteenth-century editions. All contend in judgment for blood, and every one with tribulation afflicteth his neighbour, for mischief he prepareth his hands. And now do ye humbly pray before the countenance of your God, and earnestly beseech him for in your hands have these things been committed if happily he will accept of your persons.

Take away from me the sound of your songs, and the psalm of your organs I will not hear. Because ye have left our Lord, he will also leave you.

When afterwards they returned to Rome, for want of pay, as is said, and had no suspicion of an approaching rebellion, that deceitful lioness Boadicea put to death the rulers who had been left brihanniae them, to unfold more fully and to confirm the enterprises of the Romans.

They had a prophecy which beitanniae believed fervently that they would occupy the country to which the bows of their ships were turned for three hundred years, and that they would devastate it for one hundred and fifty.