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Earlier, Mohsini Fani Kashmir! It will be interesting to note that, every individual considers his rendition of reality as the absolute if not universal reality. Views Read Edit View history.

Encyclopædia Iranica

This concept, in addition, several other beliefs like astrology, predestination, and similar beliefs stood maahib strict contrast to the theory of karma. The rules laid out to classify deeds as moral and immoral became the cornerstone for deciding the moral code of conduct of the civilizations over years. This raises the complex questions of the application of rationale and logic behind rituals. Let us try to understand some arguments about this using a simple story about a flock of sheep.

So it is still considered as a pseudo-science. Here in order to attract more tourists, their winter festival is celebrated in summer mzaahib this is the time when more tourists visit Leh. They ascribe certain qualities to every planet and believe that these qualities have a significant impact on their lives.

It is this belief that generally keeps the researcher away from the absolute reality. l

The similarities and differences that religions share are not always obvious. He is perceived to have been a person of great scholarship and curiosity, and extremely open-minded for the context of his time. One problem with this approach arises when a seeker adheres to the first or second stages of understanding without progressing to the next stage. Consider there was a sheep that did not like its precedents jumping mindlessly, and decided against it.


Dabistan-i mazahib : Dabistan : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Mostly he tries to establish his School of thought as the point of reference. It has become a way to categorize people into several sections. We can see many cultures and religions blending in. The omnipotent nature of god fascinated humans. Their belief is that all their Gurus are Nanaks. But there are some practices whose practice lead to more unwanted results. How do we know if a ritual is good or bad? If we think the thought process is independent of memory, which impacts the thinking patterns while undergoing new encounters, it would be a mistake.

The rest of the sheep also jumped in the same way as the first one did, even when they were not aware of why it jumped. The collective reality is the reality that is shared by a collective majority of people. He alludes to the institutions of masands and tithes.

Dabistan-i mazahib

One such religion is Din-e Illahi established by the Mughal emperor Akbar. As long as the rituals or the changes that they undergo do not negate basic human traits of Humanity, discretion, and rationale they can be followed. Based on the belief in One God, the Sikh religion recognizes the equality of all human beings, and is marked by rejection of idolatry, ritualism, caste vabistan asceticism.

A very interesting question would be to ask why there are so many religions. The chapter on the Raushanyas was translated into English by J. The critical English-language edition by Mazahob Shea and Anthony Troyer in is slightly flawed since the translators were not well-versed in much of the subject matter. So for a writer, is it entirely possible to state a fact as it is?


The account of Sikhism in this work, given under the title “Nanak Panthiari,” is the earliest from the pen of a non Sikh contemporary writer. Some believe god as the all-knowing caretaker and sustainer of the universe, the protector of good and slayer of evil.

The History of the world has recorded many wars that were fought in the name of religion from a very long time. According to them, it was god who created the world out of his sheer will. Some of the rationalists not only opposed this idea of god but discouraged the whole idea of god instead. It stubbornly opposed the act of jumping instead. The three understandings according to them must be followed in succession.

He also In the chapters that discuss Christianity, the author records a conversation between a Muselman and a Christian, showing that it is a comparative study. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Death ritual and society in Hindu North India since He tries to give a comparative analysis of the religions in some instances.

This karma is a result of all actions performed by the living beings. Science can only study the measurable. This work was first printed by Nazar Ashraf in a very accurate edition in movable type at Calcutta in an offset reprint of this edition was published by Ali Asghar Mustafawi from Teheran in They feel the threat of the same being extinct if they do not take necessary preservative actions.