Curtis “Cocky” Warren is a category A prisoner, defined as someone “whose escape would be highly dangerous to the public, or the police or. Curtis Warren (right) is, by some distance, Britain’s most notorious of his nickname – Cocky – which he acquired because of his swaggering. Curtis “Cocky” Warren was one of Britains biggest and richest drugtrafickers. Worth an estimated million British pounds. Unlike most other.

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He speaks softly, rarely raising his voice. Retrieved from ” https: Warren could’ve easily retired to some tropical island but for some reason he didn’t. It seemed Warren’s criminal career was over wafren that he was going away to prison for a very long time.

He insists he has no interest in doing so.

Evading the punch, a short fight ensued, during which Guclu fell to the ground, and Warren kicked him in the head 4 times, Guclu got up and again went for Warren and was again punched to the ground. Missing persons Pregnant girl, 16, who went missing on Christmas Day found safe and well. His organization had contacts with the Colombian Cali Cartel, Maroccan and Turkish criminal organizations. Screaming shoppers flee after cops swoop on ‘armed man’ Police arrived at Stratford Westfield in east London on Boxing Day to arrest a man with a knife.

After this Guclu tried to get up once more before Warren again kicked him in his head after which Guclu lay motionless in the prison yard, his head a bloody mess Guclu was dead on the spot. He was sentenced on 3 December to 13 years imprisonment for his part in the plot.

Warren grew up in the Granby district of Toxteth. This time the cocaine from Venezuela would be shipped to Bulgaria where it would be cooked into liquid and held in suspension inside bottles of wine.


Jersey Channel Islands Drugs trade Europe features. Guardian News and Media Limited.

Curtis Warren – Wikipedia

After a five-year sentence for armed robbery he hit the big time by teaming up with a Colombian to set up an efficient cocaine supply wqrren the UK. In the late s, he came to a working agreement with Middlesbrough trafficker Brian Charrington. He is not sure. He’s got a photographic memory for telephone numbers and numbers of bank accounts. It has warrdn accepted in court that the Jersey police illegally fitted a listening device to a car rented in France by one of his co-conspirators.

Warren is clearly a smart guy, despite leaving school early with no qualifications. Unlike most other drugtraffickers or criminals Warren is a highly intelligent force. Several of the members of his organization were arrested that same night. Cameras and microphones monitor every move, every word. His every move was watched, every possible conversation bugged. The strip originally ran from to T here is only one prison on Jersey.

Languages Italiano Edit links. After leaving Holland in JuneWarren began spending a lot of time in Jersey, ostensibly to visit his new girlfriend. On the afternoon of 15 SeptemberWarren had a fight in the prison yard with Turkish national Cemal Guclu, who was serving a year sentence for murder and attempted murder. The cocaine would be put in wine in Bulgaria from there it would be shipped to Holland and then on to Liverpool to be sold.

British Boss: Curtis Warren – Gangsters Inc. –

Lucky for law enforcement a second shipment was on it’s way, and this time they were waiting. Show 25 25 50 All. The custom agents knew nothing of this informer and it turned out that Charrington, with help of his informer status, had shipped a lot of drugs to Britain.


Which brings me to the obvious question: History behind UK traditions plus best memes The first day warrrn is time for a fresh start, a sore head or some serious shopping – we’ve got you covered for all of it.

When the shipment landed in the UK in earlyCharrington, Warren and twenty-six others were placed under arrest in a prosecution brought by HM Customs and Excise. Warren doesn’t drink, smoke or use drugs. Shipped to his vineyard, the drugs were then suspended in wine for onward shipment to the Netherlands and Liverpool in the UK.

In February Warren was back on trial, Warren said he “acted in self defence”. The shipment was also caught, which combined with the stashes found before would combined be worth million English pounds.

He never named any of his friends by name only by nicknames such as: It is alleged that on release, Warren purposefully walked past the HM Customs agents, saying: While Warren waited for his cocaine shipment from Venezuela he was already thinking where to stash his new heap of money, but this time people were watching. The case was dropped and in Curtis Warren was acquitted of all charges.

British Boss: Curtis Warren

And still it could’ve been worse. On 27 March it was reported that Warren had lost his appeal over his failure to pay the order, and so would remain in prison. Perhaps it was the rush he got from the smuggling.