Usability Testing of International Interfaces (Jakob Nielsen). 4. A European Evaluation of Three Document Formats for Hardware Installation Guides (Elisa del. Mar 13, Culturability: The Merging of Culture and Usability 3) What, if any, relationship exists between culture and genre as reflected in WEB design?. Culturability: The Merging of Culture and Usability. Wendy Barber and Albert Badre. [email protected], [email protected] Graphics, Visualization .

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While xulturability other measure kf product efficiency, the time required to complete a task, showed no clear difference in averages. Journal of Computer- Mediated Communication, 11 1 Firstly, in order to combine the scores a weighting for each score would have to be identified, which is beyond the scope of this article. To evaluate the total level of usability of a product it is necessary to understand the weighting a culture gives to the components of usability-efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction.

To measure the actual efficiency and effectiveness of the product, users are observed as they use the product.

Albert Badre: Abstracts of Web Papers

The Cultural Context of Web Genres: Nantel and Glaser argue that translated text reduces Web site usability, Shen et al. In one we investigated the relationship between the web visitor’s goal and the style of interaction for a given genre. A Silver Lining in Cultural Diversity.

Arabic words are written from right to usabilify, and English is written from left to right. So the negative correlation between culture and effectiveness reflects the mmerging North American subjects had of the lack of effectiveness of the product.


Earlier definitions of usability have usually focused on performance-related criteria such as ease of use and effectiveness Shackel,but more recently the concept of usability has been expanded to include a subjective aspect, user satisfaction.

Comparing Averages for the Two Groups Results from the t-test show that the average perceptions of usefulness, ease of use, and user satisfaction differ significantly between Taiwanese and North American users. Much research has also been done on the overall effect of individual metging of consumer electronic product design, such as size, look and feel, etc.

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

Harcourt Brace and Co. Mayhew and Mantei describe improvements in usability resulting in increased sales, decreased training costs, and less need for after-sales support. There is no clear difference in the average number of tasks completed between groups, indicating that the culture of the user may not have an impact on the actual effectiveness of a product. So far this study has only considered whether a relationship exists between culture and the perceived and actual components of usability-efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction.

Many companies design for overseas markets. Abstract A study of how 23 Taiwanese and North American subjects use a consumer electronic product shows that culture strongly affects the usability of the product. We found significant interactions for both goals and styles of the same genre as well as between different genres and cultures.

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Firstly, culture is moderately to strongly associated with perceptions of usability. While the xulturability indicator of efficiency, the number of errors, showed a strong connection to many perceptions of usability.


The survey items were initially developed by Lund in the Usefulness, Satisfaction, Ease of Use USE survey on usefulness, ease of use, and user satisfaction, but were adapted in uszbility survey to indicate efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction. To understand usability as a whole, both subjective and performance-based measures of usability were considered.

Efficiency was measured using the time taken and the number of errors made.

It also shows an extremely moderate relationship with cultural background and the number of errors, possibly as a result of its indirect relationship with these variables. Hornbaek thf the main components of usability as being both subjective and objective. Retrieved on May 29, from http: A basic framework for cost-justifying usability engineering.

Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, The null hypothesis is that there is no significant correlation between culture and any usability factor. You may hide this message.

Can we effectively use the styles of one genre to design the site of another genre? This question is made more difficult because culture may also culhure the weighting given to the components of usability. It is also possible that culture indirectly affected perceptions of usability.