Anna University Trichy, CS, Internet Computing, Nov / Dec , Question Paper. CSInternet Computing Question Bank.» CSInternet Computing Question Bank. Question Bank Provided by. Kings College of Engineering. Mobile Pervasive Computing (MC) (CS ) (CS72) – Question Bank 1 Internet Computing (ANNA UNIV – Trichy) (CS ) To get 7th sem Lecture notes.

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CSInternet Computing Question Bank | JPR Notes

What are Style Sheets? What are the ASP objects? When a web server receives a HTTP request from a web browser it evaluates the request and returns the requested document, if it exists, and then breaks the HTTP connection. List the goals of SGML. A program designed to be executed from within another application. What is mean by firewall A firewall is a piece of network hardware that serves as a secure gate way noted an internal network and internet. UDDI allows business to register with an internet directory so they can advertise their services and companies can find each other and carry out transactions over the web.

In other words,It describes the valid format of an xml dataset. A simple mechanism for adding style such as fonts,colors, or spacing to web documents.


CS1401-Internet Computing Question Bank

An optional,yet key element in architects a distributed systems around XML. A well-designed applet can be invoked from many different applications. A programmer puts the blocks together. The biggest difference between the two is that a Java applet is persistent. One way to translate a hostname to an IP address is to look it up in a simple text file.


Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. Linked style sheets override browser defaults. Server -It controls behavior of your web server 4. List the advantages of Intermet scripting? Active Server Pages ASP is a server-side scripting technology that can be used to create dynamic and interactive web applications. It is the exchange of information in a standard format between computers without any human intermediary.

Conversions for representing remote procedure calls and response. The program could be written in.

What is the use of XML Namespace with example? Information specified in this way is called URL encoded. Optical Communication and Networks Question Bank A node is any addressable device connected to a network whereas the host is a more specific descriptor that refers to a networked general-purpose computer rather than a single purpose device such as a printer. Cascading refers to a certain set of rules that browsers use, in cascading order, to determine how to use the style information.


The host number is almost always Unlike notew application, applets cannot be executed directly from the operating system.

Inline Styles -Style information is placed inside an HTML tag and applies to all content between that tag and it companion closing tag. What is meant by firewall? Web browsers, who are often equipped with Java virtual machines, can interpret applets from Web servers.

How the sending device will indicate that it has finished sending a message 4. The request methods intfrnet the script how it was invoked. A Web site is a collection of related pages. Reduces the burden of server a. It is the important approach to software discovery and it is decentralized, loosely coupled.