Here you can download the free lecture Notes of Graphics and Multimedia Notes pdf – GM notes pdf materials with multiple file links to download. The Graphics. CS GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA Questions Bank Anna University e) Scaling. 6. Write short notes on two dimensional viewing & anti aliasing. 7. Cs – Graphics and Multimedia – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text (a) Write short notes on: [4 marks each] (i) Voice over IP.

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Briefly explain the various clipping 8. Classify the User interface development tools?

What are the types of multimedia authoring systems? Explain list of Multimedia applications. Explain about depth cueing. What are the types of printer?

Categorize the 3D representations? What are the issues in database replication techniques? Explain Sutherland Hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm. How frame-by-frame animation works?



What is attribute parameter? Draw the chromaticity diagram and HSV color model What are multimedia file formats? List the various compression techniques 6. What is parallel projection? Explain different types of color model in detail.

cs1354-graphics and multimedia kings college of engineering

What is called Asymmetrical compression based on Compression? Write note on parallel projection Translate and scale the translated polygon which has the coordinates A 2,5 ,B 7,10 ,C 10,2 initially. Define quantized coefficient 9. Discuss the animation sequences What is viewing transformation? What are the different types of compression available?

What is a frame buffer? Write any 5 components of distributed multimedia system. What is digital pen?

Cs1354 Graphics And Multimedia Notes Pdf

Define message passing Where CMYK color model is used widely? What is the use of Tag in a file format? Integrated multimedia message standards b. What is HSV model?

Briefly explain integrated document management in multimedia. What is hypermedia documents? Write short notes on polygon meshes.

What is the basic hardware devices needed for multimedia? Describe the following in detail a. Compare and contrast the use of MIDI and digitized audio in multimedia production. Say some loss less compression standards? What are the components of a distributed Multimedia system? What are the disadvantages of DDA algorithm? Describe various building block of multimedia system.


Explain the multimedia user interface 7. What are the basic line attributes? What are the different types of multimedia formats What is Perspective projection?

Define 3D reflection and 3D hotes 9. Define color gamut Define sampling rate Give the primary goal of MAPI. Explain hypermedia and its functions. What are the different types of hidden surface elimination method? Unit — 3 Part-A 1. Write short notes on multimedia system architecture 5.

Explain multimedia input and output Technologies.