I picked up the Cryx card deck because I was needing Ripjaw stat cards and it didn’t have any in it. Was my deck messed up? How do I get this. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Warmachine Cryx Stat Card Faction Deck MK II PIP at Read honest and unbiased. Arm yourself for battle with the Warmachine: Cryx – Faction Deck (Mk III). This box contains stat cards for every Cryx model released before June 1,

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The miniatures included are Bane Witch Agathia, a Deathripper light warjack, one Slayer heavy warjack and one Reaper heavy warjack, as well as 5 colour stat cards to help you use them in game.

For fifteen years, war has engulfed the Iron Kingdoms.


Begin your journey with the Cryx today. These abominations work tirelessly to spread their necromantic dominion across the Iron Kingdoms. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Wraithblade earned her moniker from the blood-consecrated sword Anathema she wields.

For decades, her mind was lost to the void, enduring a nightmarish hellscape. The sets also provide all the gaming essential needed to play, dice, tokens as well as a gaming mat and a measuring rule.

They burrow stqt from underground lairs or swarm ashore from the dreaded blackships that sail the coastlines stst the Iron Kingdoms powered by ghostly winds. It can pull in enemy models at range, to let the Slayer kill it and be a relatively safe sstat away. They are very affordable and have models you would want to use even in bigger battles. Black Ogrun Smog Belchers are a strong fire-support unit that brings powerful cannons to bear on the enemy.

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Caring little for their own safety, blighted trollkin marauders swing braziers on long chains that blaze with fire fed by rendered body fat and whale oil. Found in the maelstrom of battle, her laughter punctuated by the crack of her pistols etat she sows chaos and death, Severa Blacktide is a legendary Satyxis warrior.

This box contains everything one player needs to charge into battle. These nigh uncontrollable constructs are more than mere killing machines, though; they are an accomplishment of malign intent.

The Slayer is a basic beat stick and with a MAT7 will not need to boost to hit most models. Agatha can get a lot of use out of Deathjack. Harness the powers of the Dragonfather and bend even death to your will with this fully loaded battlegroup box!

Kraken | Privateer Press

The battle group contains a core rules booklet, cfyx in-depth tutorial, and a full battlegroup, everything you need to jump right into the game. Privateer Press Item Code: In this crucible of conflict, countless warriors have answered the call and forged their legends.

The armies of Cryx spread like a cancer across the nations of western Immoren. These nigh-uncontrollable constructs are more than mere killing machines, though; they are an accomplishment of malign intent.

Blacktide is the finest Satyxis gunslinger alive and is counted among the premier gun mages in western Immoren. The new casters are currently only available through the battlebox as well. Because of these spray attacks, the Scharde Pirates benefit well from reductions in enemy defenses. They are notorious for being willful and bloodthirsty scoundrels of volatile temperament.


With their Officer included, the unit gains the Assault rule for their sprays, allowing them to wreak havoc on opposing infantry units.

Warmachine Accessories: Cryx MkII Faction Deck ( Stat Cards)

The murderously aggressive Seethers were created for slaughter, a task they achieve with singular efficiency. When she cuts enemies down by its edge, the spilled blood allows her to cry as insubstantial wtat smoke, letting her bypass enemy defenses to close on her chosen foe. Using the horrific soul drives grafted to their cortexes, these abominations extract energy from the rage of souls bound for endless torment in order to fuel their own dark predations.

Enemies of the undying can never be lax in their vigilance, for Cryxian raiders arrive without warning. The Misery Cage is a warcaster support model that gives extra focus to the already powerful spell-slinging warcasters of the Cryxian army. Severa Blacktide brings some sfat, powerful, and useful ranged attacks to her army. Now crux is time for those legends to mentor the next generation of heroes.

The soul drives grafted to their cortexes alter the behavior of these abominations in combat-captive souls give the Inflictor preternatural awareness of incoming threats. Cryx Battlebox Review Revenant August 16,