A cronopio is a type of fictional person appearing in works by Argentine writer Julio Cortázar (August 26, –February 12, ). Together with famas ( literally fames) and esperanzas (hopes), cronopios are by Cortázar (and others ) to friends, as in the dedication to the English-language edition of A Model Kit : “This. Long out of print and now reissued in paperback, Cronopios and Famas is one of the best-loved books by perhaps the greatest of Latin. Cronopios are part of the fictional universe created by Cortázar in his “Historias de cronopios y famas”. You won’t probably find it in any dictionary, either English .

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Truer words never spoken, Don Nathan. These two parts, together, are only as bizarre as they are ordinary, and packed with identifiable insights, however strangely packaged. Dec 11, Meenaz Lodhi rated it damas liked it.

Seriously, would YOU mess with your bodyguards like that? Una locura en la que hay que entrar sin prejuicios.

Cronopio (literature) – Wikipedia

They had to write in short lines because long ones hadn’t been invented yet. It’s a publishing mistake. The taxonomy of the famas and cronopios and the esperanzas is not as clear as most animal-fables, for example, are. Indecifrabili come antichi codici e molteplici come anr del possibile, le loro vite incomprese si disegnano pagina per pagina e i loro rituali hanno sviluppi imprevisti come onde nel mare.

A patient arrives almost immediately and tells him how there are places that ache and how there are places that ache and how he doesn’t sleep at night and eats nothing during the day. Y mira el aire, pero no ve ninguna esperanza, y suspira satisfecho.

The title of the story is “The End of the World of the End. I liked playfulness there and distorted image of reality, I enjoyed nonsensical apparently instructions how to deal with every day situations like this one on how to climb a staircase view spoiler [ To climb a staircase one begins by lifting that part of the body located below and to the right, usually encased in leather or deerskin, and which, with a few exceptions, fits exactly on the stair.


First a set of instructions: He has hardly left the office when the cronopio falls ill, aches all over, can’t sleep at night, and eats nothing during the day. Cronopios and Famas – India. And it’s usually really funny, which is nice. In the original it goes: This is a fucking pearl. Oct 07, knig rated it really liked it.

Cronopios and Famas

I spent some delightful time with narrator’s bizarre family observing how they conduct themselves at wakes or taking a job at post office and I thought I would employ the idea inclosed in The possibilities of abstraction especially while attending some dull work conferences. I looked up at the ceiling.

This continues in the second part, matter-of-fact monologues from a member of a outwardly normal family who bend all convention as a matter of course, defying utility and performing actions with great care purely because they’ve envisioned them.

The first section is an Instruction Manualoffering precise and sometimes far-fetched instructions on a number of unlikely subjects — “How to Comb the Hair”, “How to Cry”, “How to Wind a Watch” instructions that come with their own preambleand engkish to Kill Ants in Rome”. I am looking for an English translation of 2 sentences from the book by Julio Cortazar: These demonstrate aspects of cronopios’ personalities, habits, and inclinations.

A cohesive but out of the ordinary collective the narrator generally writing in the first person plural this group does manage some remarkable things.

Cortazar’s Cronopios and Famas in English (Literature / Poetry)

Cronopjos stories are terrific for their looseness and sheer sense of play, mixing the scholarly prankishness of Borges with the intellectual impishness of Cronopioa or Barthelme.

Jimmy, I’m seeing what you mean about the perfection of Cortazar on a sentence-by-sentence basis, now, too. Retrieved from ” https: Post Your ideas for ProZ. The contents of this post will automatically be included in the ticket generated. Refresh and try again. The serious subtext festooned with fantastic creatures and truly odd whatsit.


Articles with Spanish-language external links. I was impressed at the ingenious invention in this selection of weird and innovative stories.

Oct 09, Curtainthief rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet, I do not have access to the English translation of the book, but perhaps someone of you has it sitting on a bookshelf and would be so wnd to copy it for me? Came across a piece on the cassowary, which of course I knew what that was OK, I had no clue.

Cronopio (literature)

Name another book that accomplishes that impossible task! View all 32 comments. Cronopios for a change are depicted as sensitive creatures, imaginative, rebellious even, greenish, cronopois, wet objects. Quotes from Cronopios and Famas. What the deuces is a Cronopio or, for that matter, a Fama? Lo que no es nuevo es lo que yo pueda decir sobre este escritor, ni sobre este libro en particular. True to its name, “Unstable Stuff” disintegrates into a kind of notebook of outrageous ideas, varying wildly in style and quality.

The Winners Hopscotch Well, moving swiftly along. Tal vez al ser los relatos tan cortos se pasa en un suspiro y en algunos no se llega a apreciar todo lo que Cortazar muestra. But it’s good to know that Cortazar can be so playful.

The first steps are always the most difficult, until you acquire the necessary coordination. The third fama goes to the hospital and copies the lists of the wnd on emergency and their specialties.

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