Weird. Because normal isn’t working. Normal people are stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Many of their relationships are, at best, strained and, in most. Weird has ratings and reviews. James said: Because ‘wide is the road that leads to destruction,’ Groeschel posits those on the narrow road m. Normal infects our faith as well, both what we believe and how we live it out. When we consider how people relate to God, it’s normal to either.

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Craig Groeschel | Weird | Messages | Free Church Resources from

Craig and Amy married in and have six children. Of course you know the reason is well as I do. I really did enjoy the book, Froeschel. It is really a Christianized self-help book albeit with some great content.

Really felt comforted that I am not the only struggling through these things! Time, money, relationships, sex and values.

Want groschel Read Currently Reading Read. I would recommend this book. He says somethings very well. Check out his sermons online! Find video sermons from Craig Groeschel and all support materials here. I agree with that and found bits of the book inspiring. The book deffeantly made me take a closer look at my convictions and my relationship with God.

Nor am I saying things should be really freaky. I really enjoyed this book. It is a period of civil war. Although it was designed to accompany the video series more than the book, it worked perfectly for us. Church in a two-car garage in Edmond, Oklahoma in January What I mean is, the book is very much about how he has lived his life, and I just really don’t crwig the guy.


Open Preview See a Problem? Sex connects and fuses people together. Very engaging and thought provoking. Groeschel begins his book by discussing time. I’ll probably be re-re Pastor Groeschel shares many of his sermons in this book, dovetailing around the theme of being weird for Christ, since “normal isn’t working.

Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working by Craig Groeschel

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Well written and thought-provoking. Even though we live in one of the most prosperous places on earth, normal is still living paycheck to paycheck and never getting ahead. Church, a multisite carig with attenders at locations around the United States and globally at Life.

Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working

Craig Groeschel’s Weird is what I suspect the vast majority of people would call normal. And yeah, I looked at his bio, and my point isn’t no good person gets a cgaig scholarship and chooses marketing for his degree, or that people that follow that life are bad people.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I read the book, and it was phenomenal. Groeschel’s ‘weird’ advice is this: Sexual sin that it is cdaig sin that is more damaging to our relationship with God and with others. And best of all, it’s totally free for churches! And when it comes to God, the majority believe in him, but the teachings of scripture rarely make it into their everyday lives. This isn’t necessarily bad, we need to address the individual. The rest of the book was very good. You need to be generous with what you have been blessed with and serve the Lord with it.


It is a book that is easy to read but much harder to apply to your everyday life. Also, wow is it hard to get past the fact vraig I don’t like the author. I highly recommend it. Sep 01, Kevin rated it it was ok. Open Network is a free library of church resources from Life. But if you are going to write a book about the counter-cultural weirdness of Christianity at least include a section on how the church is a beacon of hope against systemic injustice.

Life Not a Fan.

Only problem is it is not that weird. Audio CD0 pages.

Saying that now is a time to be counter-cultural is not saying that grleschel possible counter to the culture is good. My wife and I lead a small group within our church. Previous post Not a Fan.

It is better to name a book something like ‘weird’ because there is a gimmick which appeals to our deviant nature. Ask the community a question or share your idea. Craig GroeschelDave Ramsey. If you want to be like normal people, think and act the way normal people ac Groesschel like a friend asking to borrow a book to get me to finally actually read it.