Manuals and User Guides for Control Techniques unidrive sp. We have 1 Control Techniques unidrive sp manual available for free PDF download: Advanced. and servo motors. Unidrive sp Controller pdf manual download. This method can be used, for example, for creating drive macros. Parameter RAM is used as. The information contained in this manual is believed to be correct at the time of Control Techniques Ltd operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) that Fundamental differences between Unidrive SP and Unidrive Classic.

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Figure Menu structure Menu Also See for unidrive sp User manual – pages User manual – pages.

V is given by the following equation. The parameter required to be represented as an analog signal by the analog output on terminal 10, should be programmed into this parameter. Page This parameter displays the active current Pr 4. Page Solutions Module can auto-configure with any of the following devices.

This parameter janual used to define the bandwidth used for setting up the speed loop gain parameters automatically when Pr 3. If there is receive data in the buffer bit 15 will be set. If the encoder includes a bit that indicates the status of the power supply the power supply monitor should be enabled see Pr x.


Page Techniaues this bit is set the drive provides a cross-coupling feed forward voltage as produced by the transient inductance and a frequency based voltage feed forward term. Page 2 the gain is increased by a factor of 16 to give faster convergence.

Page 0 on dispatch from the factory.


This method can be used, for example, for creating drive macros. Page Motor full load 5. Solutions Module in slot 2 3, Slot3: Post-brake release delay 3.

The resistance value of the thermistor tschniques can be seen in Pr x. Output power Output Power voltage 5. Page The table below shows the units. The register address is therefore menu. Page Performance RFC mode structure display x. Page The test will not start unless the drive is disabled before the test is initiated by applying the enable or run, i.

The position feedback initialised parameter Pr 3.

Unidrive SP Modular

Page Relay source source invert This logic diagram applies only when all 8. During this period the Hold zero speed parameter Pr 6. The drive allows up to five seconds for this process.

Page Position Analog inputs 2 or 3 on the mznual The analog inputs must be in voltage mode with manuap offset. Page Mode For example – a Unidrive SP with software prior to 1.

When this parameter is one either the high-side drive negative logic polarity or the low-side driver positive logic polarity is disabled. Use in conjunction with Pr x. Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo, Default Number of defaults loaded, i.

XX load active overload overload overload alarm parameter terminals indicator indicator indicator accumulator indicator The parameters are all shown at their default settings Unidrive SP Advanced Mznual Guide Issue Number: Page SSI power supply bit monitor This will ensure that the drive remains tripped until the encoder is powered up and the action of resetting the trip will re-initialize the encoder interface.

Page It is possible that this time difference may be negative, in which case the value will be zero. The jog deceleration rate is only used when the drive is changing speed because the jog reference has changed or to stop from the jog reference.


Page If the value of this parameter is too small the drive will detect the motor speed as zero even if the motor is spinning. Page not used terminals parameter 0.

Unidrive SP Modular | Control Techniques

The master should wait at least 20ms before sending a new message using the new protocol. Regen current limit 4. Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo, Range 0. Page Power stage recognition: Therefore if the number of poles is set to two, one revolution is the movement by one pole pitch. When this parameter is 1 the drive will unidfive trip when an APC non-recoverable error occurs.

This logic cannot be changed. Bipolar select Read-only RO 0. The rated rpm optimizer is automatically disabled when closed-loop ocntrol RFC mode is selected Pr 3. Closed loop As with open-loop a higher resolution speed reference can be programmed by selecting these parameters. Module Output Overload this fault occurs, the digital output SM-EZMotion module digital outputs so that device attached to the module outputs they draw no more than 20mA total.

This test takes approximately 2 seconds to complete and can only be used where the rotor settles to a stable position in a short time. Drive power supply monitor Active supply 6.

The jog reference can be used for relative jogging in digital lock mode see section 5. The Kd gain is controk affected.

The estimated temperature is displayed as a percentage of the trip level in this parameter.