‘Mishima is lucid in the midst of emotional confusion, funny in the midst of despair’ Christopher Isherwood. ‘Never has a “confession” been freer. Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this lesson, we will summarize and analyze ‘Confessions of a Mask’ by Yukio Mishima. This is a coming of age story about a boy in Japan during.

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Part-autobiographical, part-allegoric, Mishima rips open his heart to mishims his innermost battles and jumps in its midst as the lone wager from both sides. His boyhood love of a classmate is a secret that gnaws at him until he finally convinces himself that he was never actually in love at all. The Third Confrssions redeems a lot of the overlong middle. A worn sponge was being a dutiful servant to the slapping fingers; white mist covering a bare face. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

View all 10 comments. I felt a secret, radiant something rise swift-footed to the attack from inside me.

Confessions of a Mask – Wikipedia

An obsession perhaps common to jask generation in Japan. His book, like no other, has made me understand a little of how it feels to be Japanese. I’m afraid the narrator has also read far too much Freud. Anyway, this has a lot more going for it than simple we’re-here-we’re-queer-get-used-to-it dynamics, but I’m still getting used to the idea of being a member instead of an ally, so I found this surprisingly helpful on a personal level.

As a gay man living during a different era under very different societal pressures, Mishima came out of the gate with a whipcrack in Mask. The price of entry however is sometimes high – what we find can be so disturbing that we question if we really want to go there, even for a visit. I ask that much! He becomes “disgusted with my true self” and “feeling the urge to begin living”.

An engrossing and influential tale, Confessions of a Mask is still as fresh and mishimq in as it was in Fortunately for Mishima, it made him an international phenomenon.


I’m thinking he was unclear on the concept. Even if it was to be pure masquerade and not my life at all, still the time had come when I must make a startmust drag my heavy feet confezsions Mishima himself stated that his intent was to write “a perfect fictional work of confession.

Confessions of a Mask

Rather complicated and sophisticated psychological turmoil of an adolescent gay narrator. He was able to distant himself and develop a “mask” of a person participating in the normal rituals of the conventional world.

With that desire, he was able to relish in the act of courting a mas, yet all done from the viewpoint of someone observing himself. Alas, this is not the fully-formed, masterful Mishima I first encountered in his stupendous Spring Snow. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of The narrator tells the story of his life from his older point of view, and dissects every thought and every memory in exacting detail. Right from his childhood, Kochan had an affinity to grief with death being the ultimate seducer of his sensualities.

By composing mishimaa supposed confessions, Mishima was completely the producer, playwright, director and actor of his own social ‘norms’, free to judge himself, and perform to the beat of his own damask drum. Rather, it was because the other boys had no such need of understanding themselves as I had: Some have argued that the admiration of masculinity is autobiographical of Mishima, himself having worked hard through a naturally weak body to become a superbly fit body builder and male model.

Mishima gives an enlightening inference of how assorted masquerades of life are vanished when humanity dwells at the gates of death.

His obsession with death is further complicated by Japan’s patriotism fervor, in which death is the ultimate sacrifice. Those, the user will come to realize sooner or later, can be worn for a limited period of time. Yes, it is told in a disarmingly simple style that can be easily breezed through, however you’ll want to pause, reflect, study it – a careful reading is very enlightening.

In the case of Confessionsthe subjectivity we gain access to belongs to a unnamed Japanese youth, living in Tokyo during the former half of the 20th century.


Like Notes jishima Nadjahowever, the “real action” occurs in the subjective reflection that follows. But in a flash the swell conessions passed them by and come sliding toward the beach with unabated speed. There is some ambiguity in the word ‘claimed’. He was just too young. The main character, whose name From what I can tell, Yukio Mishima was not a very happy man. In spite of this scene something caught fire within me. Difficult to relate to sometimes, beautiful and moving at others.

Mishima’s weakling in a world of military machismo in ‘Confessions of a Mask’

I cannot bear the thought that a man of noble heart and lofty mind sets out with the ideal of the Madonna and ends with the ideal of Sodom. Listen, now I’ll tell you what it says Pepper can in his hand while a thirsty Eminem sweats it out under the spotlights. The condition they had faced and fought against there–that of a life for a life–had probably been the most universal and elemental that mankind ever encounters.

Confessions of a Mask. No photos of Dr. Review quote Confessions of a Mask follows in the spirit of Oscar Wilde’s dictum that ‘man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Driving instructions are not. At the time, like the crew of a wrecked ship, they had found themselves in a situation where it was permissible to kill one person in order that another might live. But Chapter Two seems a slog in its attempt to pad out to novel length. It was undoubtedly the sight of the hair under Omi’s arms that day which made the armpit a fetish for me.

Finders keepers losers weepers! This is a person with a very strong death drive – i. Mishima’s protagonist discovers that he is becoming a homosexual in a polite, post-war Japan.

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