Jean-Louis Comolli (born 30 July ) is a French writer, editor, and film director. He was editor in chief of Cahiers du cinéma from to , during which period he wrote the influential essays “Machines of the Visible” () and “Technique and Ideology: Camera, Perspective, Depth of. One does not see so many references to Jean-Louis Comolli these days, which is a shame since the influence of the former editor of the. 16 Jean-Louis Comolli: ‘Technique and Ideology: Camera, Perspec- tive, Depth of Field’ (May-June and July ). 17 Pascal Bonitzer: “Reality” of Denotation’.

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ajd If we were activists, it was only to this extent. In truth, it so happens that after I stopped writing on the cinema and began to work on La Ceciliato a certain extent I withdrew from theoretical reflection on the cinema, and from writing about the cinema.

Depth of Field | Jeff Scheible –

We were never active in any organisation whatsoever, nad in any trade union whatsoever. When you film a documentary, you film everything, the entire subject: Figures Traced in Light: And yet the cinematic image does not technlque what I see in real life. I discovered in practice what I had already discovered theoretically in my writings on direct cinema, on documentary cinema.

So when it became apparent that Le Pen was going tefhnique descend on Marseilles, we proposed a second film to France 3, which would be called La campagne de Provence But at the same time, it was not a very joyful experience, and there was no freedom. You absolutely reject the practice of using soundbites. Labarthe inbut La Cecilia was your first experience making a feature film, making an auteurist film.


In the first conception, the cinema, nothing is already there, everything is still to be done, to be constructed, elaborated, and so on. In a way, this film depicted Jean Narboni and myself ideologyy Cahiersgiven that we had abolished the position of head-editor, and shifted to sharing power — a relatively derisory power, granted, but power all the same.

The mark of that shoot has always remained with me. I explained to him that I needed his body to be filmed.

Cinema against Spectacle: Technique and Ideology Revisited

There is a logic when you pass from a close-up to a long-shot. The hors champ undoes this logic, and it allows for idfology which are tied to each other to float about.

It could be said that they are inexhaustible, and that each time they are watched or listened to, they are transformed, they have a different function, the dice are thrown once more. I filmed researchers, sociologists, ethnographers, and I managed to gather a lot of footage.

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As such, I find it rather foolish to try to imaginarily annul this trace of the camera, and, in any case, it is not possible nowadays. La Cecilia was one of the great experiments in communal living in the 19 th century, and it was also the birth of anarcho-syndicalism.

My father was contacted by radio and took a plane to arrive in Marseilles a few hours before the ship so that he could receive me upon my arrival. University of California Press. Language-Games in Film Theory. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

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It turns politicians into phantoms, and their audiovisual existence, on television, enables the body to become abstract. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Remember me on this computer. This freedom of the subject in the analytic session is similar to the effects which the spectator experiences. The Intervals of Cinema. But the question of the representation of the body is critical in the cinema, and this was one of the questions posed by Auschwitz, to the extent that the Nazi prohibition of the representation of what happened inside the gas chambers precisely emphasised the denial of the possibility of representing a suffering body.

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Jean-Louis Comolli, Part 2 • Interview • Senses of Cinema

Florida State University Press. The distance between the manual labourer and the intellectual is not very great, even if the way they spend their time diverges radically. Secondly, I had an uncle who was a baker in Marseilles, and I once spent my summer holidays with him there, which made a strong impression on me.

Later, I compared the film set to a funeral ceremony. So I wanted to show that they are one and the same.