COMELEC to Conduct Special Voter Registration for Marawi City. Resolution No. Website is maintained by the COMELEC Information Technology. Resolution No. dated 13 September entitled “GUIDELINES ON THE FILING OF CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY IN CONNECTION. RULES AND REGULATIONS ON: (1) THE BAN ON BEARING, CARRYING OR TRANSPORTING OF FIREARMS OR OTHER DEADLY.

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Only the heads of agencies or his authorized representative enumerated under Sec. Lastly, petitioner cites Rimando v. He is the military’s commander-in-chief in the first place, Brillantes explained. With respect to the validity of the checkpoint, the CA found that not only do the police officers have in their favor the presumption that official duties have been regularly performed, but also that the proximity of the day the checkpoint had been set up, to the day of the May 11, elections, specifically for the purpose of enforcing the COMELEC gun ban, gives a strong badge of the legitimacy of the checkpoint; that after a review of the records, the evidence adduced by the prosecution prevails over the self-serving and uncorroborated claim of the petitioner that he had been framed; and, that with respect to the admissibility of the firearm as evidence, the prosecution witnesses convincingly established that the.

The Secretariat shall be headed by a 5961 Officer of the Commission. The Court takes judicial notice of the fact that historically, Philippine elections have been marred by reaolution and unnecessary bloodshed and additional guidelines must be put in place to eliminate, or at least, lessen the threat. Who may bear, carry or transport firearms or deadly weapons. The courts a quo consistently found that the police team manning the checkpoint politely requested the passengers to alight from their vehicles, and the motorists who refused this request were not forced to do so.

Regional Joint Security Control Center RJSCC refers to the organization in the region which shall be responsible for the issuance of temporary security details TSDs and the implementation of the ban on the bearing, carrying or transporting of firearms and the employment, availment or engagement of security personnel in the region. Notably, the language of RA and its implementing rules is not so restrictive as to prohibit other government agencies from imposing fesolution restrictions resolition to the conduct of business by PSAs and PSSPs under special circumstances.

For this purposes, the prohibition on the transfer or detail of PNP or AFP personnel is hereby suspended only in so far as transferring or detailing them as security details to candidate, including incumbent public officer, or any public officer or private individual.

Hypermix Feeds Corporation, Phil. The petitioner is now before this Court, raising the following issues: Each Commission en bane may promulgate its own rules concerning pleadings and practice before it or before any of its offices. Security personnel of accredited foreign diplomatic corps and establishments under international law including foreign military personnel in the Philippines covered by existing treaties and international agreements endorsed by the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Heads of Missions of foreign countries in the Philippines.

  KRESS 1050 FME-1 PDF

They are not public officers, law enforcement officers, and neither are they providing security services in relation to public office. The equal protection clause, therefore, does not preclude classification of individuals who may be accorded different treatment under the law as long as the classification is reasonable and not arbitrary.

Comelec mulls revising gun ban rules regarding exemptions

No person shall bear, carry or transport Firearms or Deadly Weapons outside his residence or place resoluion business, and in all public places, including any building, street, park, and in private vehicles or public conveyances, even if he is licensed or authorized to possess or to carry the same, unless authorized by the Commission, through the CBFSP, 6 in accordance with the provisions of this Resolution.

Likewise, the RJSCC may issue a thirty 30 day non-extendible Temporary Security Detail TSDupon filing of the applications, the submission of the existing threat assessments and the payment of comeled required fee. I pledge to vote for candidates who, by word and action, renounce violence, coercion, vote-buying, and corruption as means for getting elected.

Thus, the period under Rule 64 rexolution not apply. Section 5 of Resolution No.

The peace and order situation in various parts of the country, including insurgency, the existence and size of private armies, the intensity of political rivalries and other circumstances, that may affect the conduct of the elections; and. We can’t serve the Mood meter on your browser at the moment.

In the instant case, the firearm was seized from the petitioner when in plain view, the policemen saw it tucked into his waist uncovered by his shirt. Undoubtedly, it is the constitutional presumption of innocence that lays such burden upon the prosecution.

The poll body also reiterated that even candidates or members of their immediate family whose lives are at risk can only be given bodyguards by law enforcement agencies, as approved by the Comelec, but not gun ban exemptions.

When circumstances warrant, including but not limited to threats to life and security, a candidate or his immediate family within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity, may, upon application, be assigned a maximum of two 2 security personnel or bodyguards as follows: AlbaPhil.

The Government can impose upon him such terms as it pleases. Thus, for failure of the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that petitioner was carrying a firearm without prior authority, license or permit, the latter must be exculpated from criminal liability under P.

Provided, That the officer applying for the juridical entity, shall possess all the qualifications required of a citizen applying for a license to possess firearms. Members of the Commission on Elections, directors and lawyers in the main office of the commission, regional election directors, assistant regional election directors, chiefs-of-staff of the offices of the chairman and commissioners, provincial election supervisors, regional attorneys reaolution election officers, and organic security officers of the Commission resilution Elections.


After stopping the vehicle, the police opened a package inside the car which contained a firearm purportedly belonging to Congressman Aniag.

I pledge to vote as my conscience dictates in all elections.

Comelec mulls revising gun ban rules regarding exemptions | News | GMA News Online

Titingnan namin kung kailangang i-revise,” said Comelec chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. Only in extremely meritorious cases will it even be considered.

Whether the petition is moot; 2. Provided, That this prohibition shall not apply when said member is in pursuit of a person who has committed or is committing a crime in the premises reoslution is guarding; or when escorting or providing security for the transport of payrolls, deposits, or other valuables; or when guarding the residence of private persons or when guarding resolktion residences, buildings or offices: The gun was in plain view and discovered inadvertently when the petitioner alighted from the vehicle.

The staff at the office of Comelec Commissioner Elias Yusoph, who heads the gun ban committee, reminded them that Comelec Resolution No. On this imposition on private individuals, the Court ruled in the old case of Government of the Philippine Islands v.

Form 16B resplution the colored 4″ x 5″ picture and description of the authorized uniform of the Agency; 4.

Procedural aspects At the outset, although the subject of the petition is a Resolution of the COMELEC promulgated relative to the May National and Local Elections, the issue raised herein has not been rendered moot and academic by the conclusion of the elections. I will educate myself and others about the issues at hand so that my vote is a meaningful and relevant exercise of my right of suffrage. Whether or not the Gun Ban has been an effective deterrent is a different matter, which is beyond the Court’s domain.

Under BP and RAit is unlawful for any person to bear, carry, or transport firearms or other deadly weapons in public places during the election period, even if otherwise licensed to do so, unless authorized in writing by the COMELEC.

Classification, to be reasonable, must 1 rest on substantial distinctions; 2 be germane to the purpose of the law; 3 not be limited to existing conditions only; and 4 apply equally to all members of the same class. A bladed instrument is not covered by the prohibition when possession of the bladed instrument is necessary to the occupation of the possessor or when it is used as a tool for legitimate activity.

On both points the petitioner is wrong.