An underemployed, skateboarding party animal, Colby Buzzell traded a dead- end future for the army–and ended up as a machine gunner in Iraq. To make. An underemployed, skateboarding party animal, Colby Buzzell traded a dead- end future for the army—and ended up as a machine gunner in Iraq. To make. “The experience of war has produced some extraordinary writing, classics of reporting and memoir. My War is destined to join that list. Colby Buzzell, a young .

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As he left the recriuters inn, the Army recruiter next door stepped up. Full of profanity, his writing is raw and emotional. My War proves that the best blogs really can become the best books. A- ” – Entertainment Weekly. He tells his irraq story in stunning detail, never seeming self-conscious, even in the moments where we see him at less than his best. The result is an extraordinary narrative, rich with unforgettable scenes: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It was really insightful and at times highly amusing. Tired of hanging around.

My War: Killing Time in Iraq – Wikipedia

Quotes from My War: The only pitfall this buzzepl has is the continuously exensive use of foul language. Honestly, it made my stomach turn for how good a snapshot this was of my generation. Having picked up a used copy of this one from a charity stall, I hadn’t intended to read it immediately but got sucked in and finished it ahead of the other two or three books I was half way though.


There isn’t a point to this or buzxell a story arc. An awful lot of time is spent on tme backstory of how the author ended up joining the Oraq, and the tone gets a little self-congratulatory at times, but a good read overall.

Times Magazine “Funny, often surreal “What the! The day to day like of a soldier with the Striker brigade out of Fort Lewis. This is the story of our brave soldiers over there. He toys with the idea of protesting the war, but not because he’s decided he’s against it.

He spent his time They stare too, but don’t look away, and if you wave, which is something they never initiate, they wave back, nervously.

Mike Strobl’s simple story about escorting a dead Marine’s remains back to his Wyoming hometown is set against peaceful, unpopulated footage of the locations, ending with the dead soldier’s nuzzell. He is a natural writer. He has shockingly good writing technique for someone who was not a career writer and had no inspirations of becoming one.

Slaughterhouse Five is certainly a war novel. Other editions – View all My War: What’s being reported on the m Based on his blog of the same title and that caused great controversy a few years back when the Army got all pissed off about it this book is a first hand account of life as a foot solider in Iraq. It is an interesting view on the Iraq War from this MB machine gunner who was going nowhere in life.

These reactions were understandable when you consider how honest Colby is in his retelling of the events. Return to Book Page. To make sense of the absurd and frightening events surrounding him, he started writing a blog about the war—and how it differed from the government’s official version. One of many first-person accounts of the current War.


My War: Killing Time in Iraq

His telling of the battles and army life is gritty and biting, laced with plenty of profanities. He spent his time skateboarding and killing as many brain cells as humanly possible. Seriously, if this is your cup of tea, then this book is a must read. Buzell’s take on war is a good chance to see what the majority of troops actually experience: He does a great job explaining everything to the reader, and Buzzell’s account one particular buzzeell he was in was written so well it was like you had a 3rd person perspective of the battlefield as the actual battle itself was taking place.

Aug 27, Alex McCorkindale rated it liked it. This book is hard to review, it hit close to home for me.

My War: Killing Time in Iraq by Colby Buzzell

This irreverent, episodic memoir grew out a blog that the author, an Army infantryman in Iraq inwrote from the front lines. The Iraqi men were a little different.

Jun 10, Matthew Komatsu rated it really liked it. To view it, click here.