LIVROS EM PDF:Obras escogidas De Moto Pela América do Sul Diario del Che en Bolivia Guerra contra el Burocratismo La Guerra de Guerrillas Notas Inéditas . The Life and Death of Che Guevara Jorge G. Castañeda Ernesto Che Guevara , “Contra el burocratismo,” in Guevara, Obra revolucionaria, p. Emesto.

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We will later make a careful analysis of these three conclusions that stand out in the Cuban revolutionary experience. Though geographical and social conditions in each country determine the mode and particular forms that guerrilla warfare will take, there are general laws that hold for all fighting of this type.

If these influences grow so strong as to turn the exploited countries into a field of battle waged for the benefit of the imperialist powers, the conference will have failed. In some countries, such as Puerto Rico, where the special conditions of the island have not permitted a guerrilla outbreak, the nationalist spirit, deeply wounded by the discrimination that is daily practiced, has as its basis the aspiration of the peasants even though many of them are already a proletariat to recover gurvara land that the Yankee invader seized from them.

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It draws its great force from the mass of the people themselves. El Marxists Internet Archive. We have dealt with the basic points concerning foreign trade, the need for changes in the foreign policy of the developed countries in their relations with the underdeveloped countries, and the need to reconstruct all international credit, financial and similar bodies; but it must be emphasized that these measures are not sufficient to guarantee economic development, and that other measures — which Cuba, an underdeveloped country, has put into practice — are needed as well.

Today the conference agenda is broader and more realistic because it includes, among others, three of the crucial problems facing the modern world: All this indicates that the guerrilla fighter will carry out his action in wild places of small population. He may have concluded that the Bolivian government would prefer to try him and brandish his capture as a symbol of victory against foreign aggression, rather than execute him.

They say that the deterioration in the terms of trade is an objective fact and the underlying cause of most of their problems and is attributable to the fall in the prices of the raw materials which they export and the rise in the prices of manufactures which they import — I refer here to world market prices. Acts of aggression by the United States against Cuba began virtually as soon as the Revolution had been won.

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Discrimination against state trading not only serves as a weapon against the socialist countries but is also designed to prevent the underdeveloped countries from adopting any of the most urgent measures needed to strengthen their negotiating position on the international market and to counteract the operations of the monopolies. It is our duty to point this out and draw it to the attention of the participants, because so long as this situation persists, and justice remains buorcratismo tool of a few powerful interests, legal interpretations will continue to be made to suit the convenience of the oppressor powers and it will be difficult to relax the prevailing tension: In some of these countries, feudalism still exists; in others a nascent, still weak bourgeoisie has to stand the dual pressure of imperialist interests and of its own proletariat, who are fighting for a fairer distribution of income.


The fact burrocratismo the cold war, conceived by the warmongering West, has shown itself lacking in practical effectiveness and in political realism is one of the factors that have led to the convening of this conference.

The so-called Alliance for Progress is another clear demonstration of the fraudulent methods used by the United States to maintain false hopes among nations, while exploitation grows more acute.

The problem is particularly serious in the case of the machinery and equipment which are essential to agricultural and burocratiemo development.

To this we can reply that to a certain extent they are right, and they will be all the more so if we show ourselves incapable of joining together, in wholehearted determination, in a united front of victims of discrimination and exploitation.

This ban on trade with Cuba was progressively intensified until on February 3,the late President Kennedy placed an embargo on all United States trade with Cuba.

On every hand we observe a series of phenomena which demonstrate the growing acuteness of this struggle. These organizations make their way into domestic economic policy, foreign trade policy, and domestic and external financial relations of all kinds.

Obsessed with the desire to attack us, the United States specifically excluded our country from the supposed benefits of the Trade Expansion Act. They place all kinds of obstacles in the way of direct trading with these states. It is also possible to have recourse to certain very homogeneous groups, which must have shown their efficacy previously in less dangerous tasks, in order to make use of another of the terrible arms of the guerrilla band, sabotage.

On many occasions these same countries demand unilateral preferential treatment from all the developed countries without exception: It was no accident that Cuba was the main scene of one of the incidents that have most gravely endangered world peace, as a result of legitimate action taken by Cuba in exercise of its right to adopt the principles of its own people.

We must begin our discussion by acknowledging the truth of the above statements. At the outset, the essential task of the guerrilla fighter is to keep himself from being destroyed.

The order went out from La Paz at midmorning; it was received in La Higuera, where Zenteno commissioned a squad of soldiers to carry it out. We must not come here to plead for aid, but to demand justice; but not a justice subject to the fallacious interpretations we have so often seen prevail at international meetings; a justice which, even though the peoples cannot define it in legal terms but the desire for which is deeply rooted in spirits oppressed by generations of exploitation.


In the first stage they took the form of direct attacks on Cuban centers of production. Within this territory, measures of indoctrination of the inhabitants of the zone should be utilized; measures of quarantine should be taken against the irreconcilable enemies of the revolution; all the purely defensive measures, such as trenches, mines, and communications, should be perfected. For this very reason it may serve as a lesson for other regions and for the underdeveloped world in general.

This means that the wealth created by the labor of peoples who live for the most part in conditions of backwardness, hunger, and poverty is enjoyed in United States imperialist circles. Guevara had also issued his combat instructions, though he was not absolutely certain that the army had discovered the presence of his group. All these anomalies are possible because of the incontrovertible fact that, at the present stage of human history, the underdeveloped countries are the battleground of economic systems that belong in different eras.

At Punta del Este, however, 2 billion dollars a year was promised. It must always be kept in mind that there is a necessary minimum without which the establishment and consolidation of the first center is not practicable. A long procession formed, as Prado marched him off to La Higuera, two kilometers away. This is an act similar to that of the beehive when at a given moment it releases a new queen, who goes to another region with a part of the swarm.

Popular forces can win a war against the army. Warfare on Unfavorable Ground 6. The system they practice is the cause of the evils from which we are suffering, but they will try to obscure the facts with spurious allegations, of which they are masters.

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He split up his platoon into several small squads, each ordered to explore the narrow creeks ahead of them, to determine if there was a way out of the ravine. In addition there is the inherent contradiction between the various developed capitalist countries, which struggle unceasingly among themselves to divide up the world and to gain a firm hold on its markets so that they may enjoy an extensive development based, unfortunately, on the hunger and exploitation of the dependent world.

We have taken several representative countries as producers of the raw materials or primary commodities mentioned.