View and Download Casio Exilim EX-V8 user manual online. Exilim EX-V8 Digital Camera pdf manual download. only • Read online or download PDF • Casio EXILIM EX S User Manual. EXV8. Megapixel Compact Digital Camera. EXS Megapixel Ultra. The Casio Exilim EX-V8 is Casio’s second ultra-compact, ultra-zoom In macro and manual modes, you can focus on subjects as close as

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The decision to buck the trend on some of the more common design features on a digicam and in the case of “Easy” mode, one which should be as approachable as possible for the beginner seems odd.

Due to my limited resources, please do not e-mail me asking for a personal caxio or technical support. The keystoning correction is performed automatically, with the camera only prompting you to select from the two possible keystone corrections deemed most appropriate by the camera’s firmware.

EX-V8 Manual

Page 46 Use the following procedure to adjust the sharpness of subject outlines in your images. When composing the image, make sure the subject is located the recorded image. Anti Shake is particularly useful when sequence, automatically. If the same message appears after you turn power back on, contact your retailer or a CASIO service center. The color effect look just like what you would 1.

To charge the battery, stop the slideshow. As previously mentioned, the Casio V8’s user interface is fairly clean and intuitive. Move the zoom controller up and down to zoom the cropping boundary.


Page 91 After displaying the movie frame you want, press [SET]. Page 27 Connecting a non-specified device protect yourself against burn injury.

Casio Exilim EX-V8 User Manual

Enter text from picture: You can resize a snapshot to any one of the following sizes. Movie image quality is a standard that determines the detail, smoothness, and clarity of eilim movie during playback. The zoom slider is easy to find without taking your attention off the LCD display, and is pretty responsive.

Using the On-screen Histogram to Check Exposure The on-screen histogram that provides a graphic representation of the current exposure casuo the image.

Shooting with the high-quality HQ setting will result in better image quality, but it also shortens the amount of time you can shoot. Use [A] and [V] to select the function How could Casio possibly stuff a 7X lens into a compact body without major compromises in return? If you want to use faster shutter speeds, you should use a higher ISO sensitivity value.

Casio EX-V8 Review

Listening To The Audio Of An Audio Snapshot Note that if you copy an image cqsio another type of digital camera, only a rough image may be shown on the monitor screen. Checking a Snapshot A snapshot will remain on the monitor screen for a short while after you shoot it and then disappear when the camera gets ready for the next image. As you can see, the image stabilizer produced a much sharper photograph.

Page Use [ ] and [ ] to adjust the exposure compensation value.


Swing the battery cover closed, and then slide it securely into place as you press it against the camera. Easily the worst piece cqsio documentation is the printed basic manual, which attempts to cover every language in the world in one book.


As you unpack your camera, check to exilin sure that all items shown below are included. Viewing and Storing Images on a Computer You can view and store images snapshot and movie files on your computer by connecting to the camera. However, you can use optical zoom.

Well, you won’t be doing it with this product. If you aim for the two-handed approach, you have to be careful where you place your left hand, because it is fairly easy to block the lens as it is so close to the corner of the camera.

Use [ ] and [ ] to select the setting you want and then press [SET]. Keystone Correction Use the zoom controller to zoom, ex-f8 [ ], [ ], [ ], and [ ] to move around the zoomed image to display the part you want to extract.

At 8 megapixels, images are x pixels. This feature comes in handy ex-8 a snapshot that you shot using portrait vertical orientation. Since the ISO is fixed to “auto” in shutter priority mode why, I do not knowI had to switch over to full manual M mode in order to fix the sensitivity to At this time the image that is within the boundary will enlarge and fill the monitor screen, which aids in focusing.

There are a bunch of other issues that I wanted to mention before I wrap things up.