Mohammed Hanif’s exuberant first novel, “A Case of Exploding Mangoes,” extends this tradition of assassination fiction and shifts it east to. A Case of Exploding Mangoes has ratings and reviews. Tea said: Fantastic novel for those who like to read Vikas Swarup, or Mohsin Hamid, or Ara. . A Washington Post, Rocky Mountain News, Boston Globe Best Book of the Year Intrigue and subterfuge combine with bad luck and good in this darkly comic.

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Mohammed Hanif is a marvellous storyteller, creating a suspenseful plot that will keep you alert until the last ot of the book. The story is about who killed him – I think. I guess it did.

Review: A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif | Books | The Guardian

I would gladly grab any other book by Explodijg Hanif if he ever writes again. This nation was defined along religious identity and, from the very beginning on, the army was a mamgoes of unelected political power. His best friend Obaid disappears with a fight plane and The death of the dictator of Pakistan General Zia alongside all his high-ranked officers plus the US embassador has intrigued people since the day it happened.

For condemning her, Zainab calls down a curse upon General Zia. You know the ending the fictitious depiction of the real-life death of Pakistan’s President General Zia from the very beginning.

Mohammed Hanif’s “A Case of Exploding Mangoes”: A Tangled Tale –

Some of it is actually funny, and you may find yourself laughing out loud in some parts. In submitting this comment, the reader xeploding the following terms fo conditions: Hanif has written a historical novel with an eerie timeliness. Pakistan’s travails were fresh on my mind.

It got bonus funny points because of how General Zia, the country’s dictator, keeps thinking along of the lines of ‘What would Ceausescu do? This is not a spoiler by the way.


And the back of the book, which is why I frequently don’t read them. Hanif has crafted a clever black comedy about military culture, love, tyranny, family, and the events that eventually brought us to September 11, And for the few few chapters, I was enthralled. The language is not poetic nor is it rich with deeper social and philosophical issues. The Trail of Political Islam. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys military satire, dark humour, and digs at the fervently pious.

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

His rule is largely responsible for the upsurge of Islamic extremism that has shaken Pakistan and the entire region. Subscribe to our newsletter. Clearly, by the time he finally died, Zia had made a lot of enemies. But we also flick between him, and none other than Mr President himself, and the people and events that surround him. Christians believe that he was crucified at Golgotha outside Jerusalem — only to rise from the dead three days later.

This country is khaki Turning explodinv loneliness into solitue You want freedom and they give you chicken korma Be it the land or the rivers, it’s all under our wings Soldier just soldier on This book was recommended to me by so many people that I just had to get my hands on it.

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. Constructions, making this mangofs clear reference to, and a cameo by, Osama bin Laden. The novel does not confirm whether or not Ali was successful in his attempt to assassinate the General.

I, for one, loved it, the pace didn’t bother me at all. Mengapa hubungan antara dua lelaki yang akrab selalu dilihat dengan kaca mata Barat – homoseksualiti? Mzngoes a sense, it is reminiscent of Joseph Heller’s iconic “Catch 22”, the bitterly satirical anti-war bestseller from the Sixties. It was also shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.


He is greeted by the local CIA chief, and is quite at ease with senior Pakistani and American diplomats and army officers, much as he was in real life in the Eighties. How much of the story of Zia Ul Haq’s plane crash was real?

The late dictator

Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel. Interview with a mixed-faith couple Experiences in a Christian-Muslim marriage. My first by a Pakistani writer.

It was certainly not ‘very, very funny’, as advertised. Hanif’s wonderful book presents some theories albeit some needed to be taken tongue-in-cheek as to what may have actually caused the death of the president. Hanif has a lovely eye and an even better ear. All in all, good read. Sorayya found it amazing and liberating that Hanif could write this book as a novel. I don’t think this is a good book but it has to be read.


Pakistan’s president Zia-ul-Haq gets killed in a flight explosion and the novel goes back to tell you the why, what and how. In both stories, the principal themes are ones of isolation and meditation upon corruption. I read this book after returning from a research and teaching trip to Pakistan in He was born at Okara. The millions are occupied somewhere else, to people with great influence, chief among whom General Akhtar. Nov 12, Stephanie rated it it was amazing.

It is as a serious novel of Pakistan’s difficult recent history that Mangoes doesn’t take wing, despite its ambitions.

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