Spare bis zu 25% auf ausgewählte er Rennrad- und Mountainbike- Bestseller und bis zu 50% auf Accessoires im Canyon Zubehör-Shop. Das Sparbuch. I’m planning on buying a Canyon CF Ultimate – had a brief flirtation with . I kept an eye on their “sparbuch” sale last time it came round (November?) and. Bishop Blvd. Cheyenne, WY Wyoming Toll Free Nationwide: WYO-ROAD () US 20 Wind River Canyon – mm

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Engineered Perfection Impressive performance, excellent acceleration and razor-sharp handling – the Ultimate combines all this in a perfect racing bike.

Anyone know how Canyon bikes are size wise? Rediscover sprbuch city Substance, style and performance unite with our standout city bike. Could someone clarify this for me and let me know what you ordered, and that it didn’t matter that there is no roller bearing on the bottom mount.

Get on with it! Might not match your biking clothes. Dear friends, As expected, the newly promised shipping date passed without any news from canyon.


Although the actual delay itself is 3 months. I’m torn over next step as I like many canoyn, have the comsumer law to fall back on. All-round full-suspension trail bike that can take you anywhere. However, we do have exciting news on our products and exclusive offers coming all the time. All bikes across the range are specifically designed for use off-road with safety standards to match, meaning they can handle all punishment your kid dishes out.


Hi All, New to Canyon and the Forum although I have been watching for updates on the SS debacle as I recently found myself in a position to afford a new toy, so opted for the Strive Team and now find myself in the same position as so many others.

Made for racing Without a doubt, the most complete aero road bike on the circuit. Save on small-size Grand Canyon hardtails, the perfect stepping stone for budding rippers!

If the latest date is correct, this will mean I waited 4 months from order. Combine that with the added control of hydraulic disc brakes plus SRAM Automatix auto hub shifting, and your little shredder will be ready for the trails. The only headache I have is the rear dropout axle. Grand Canyon AL I currently ride a Medium Nerve XC 7.


By using this website you are agreeing to our cookies policy. You are now browsing the Canyon international website. Despite the problems they have caused and not considering the orders that have been canceled I find it very hard to grasp that no one at canyon has got the balls to drive 10 minutes or less, or even stop on the way to the office to obtain accurate information that they can relay to us. Hydraulic disc brakes for kids? All products we develop at Canyon conform to specific product categories so you know what they are capable of.


Your country Please select Dec 5, at 5: Previous Page Next Page. Be the first to know.

WYDOT Travel Information Service (Laramie)

What do poeple think of the B version over the 29er? Dec 4, at 0: Dec 5, at The Hardtail experience refined Aluminium hardtail performance that delivers the goods for first timers and trail fanatics alike. Ergonomics From narrow diameter grips for small hands, to size-specific saddles, all contact points have been carefully selected to boost comfort and control.

Because more control means more confidence, and crucially, more safety. Mackem — b Posted 5 years ago. You are now browsing the Canyon international website. Braking Hydraulic disc brakes for kids?

System Complete With every detail designed to sparubch your performance, this is the fastest triathlon bike in the world. Their light lever action and modulation make speed control super easy. Yeah, just as I thought.

Any reason why this Canyon is bad idea?

Dec 3, at Some money back for making my own custom fixshifter solution for the time when it is not working would be nice. They may even do some different insert: Time to Step Up? TO be honest i’m not that fussed, if it gets predominantly stuck in DH mode it’s not completely unusable.

Looking at the Spectral AL 9.